When Congress Says No, Biden Will Use Executive Power To Force Us to “Go Green”

Circlephoto / shutterstock.com
Circlephoto / shutterstock.com

President Joe Biden has been king of the “do as I say, not as I do” style of leadership. From his time in the Senate to Vice President and now as President, he has done everything with the idea of putting the party over the people. This means that if the liberal left wants it, to hell with middle America.

After Congress defeated his attempts to pass the Green New Deal, he has been looking for ways to slip bits and pieces of it into the American landscape. This time, he has elected to create a new organization of Climate Corps, to serve as a major training hub for new green jobs. First announced on September 20th, the program would end up employing 20,000 young adults. With tasks like planting trees, helping install solar panels as well, and practicing minimalist conservation techniques, with the goal being to help prevent catastrophic wildfires.

First proposed in sweeping climate change laws back in 2022, conservatives were able to squash the idea in its place. Never giving up on the idea, they only started suggesting Biden take action to do something via executive order in the last few weeks. Titling it officially as the “American Climate Corps,” they have modeled it after fellow Democrat FDR’s “Civilian Conservation Corps.”

Sunrise Movement and other climate organizations sent President Biden a letter on September 18th to plead their case to get the situation fixed. “This summer, our country saw heat waves, wildfires, and floods that destroyed communities, uprooted families, and claimed hundreds of lives. While previous executive orders and legislation under your administration demonstrate tremendous progress toward meeting our Paris climate goals and your campaign promises, this summer has made clear that we must be as ambitious as possible in tackling the great crisis of our time.”

Another 50 politicians, including Rep. AOC (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), pushed him to create some kind of climate corps in their own letter also on the 18th. Citing the southwest strong heatwaves, flooding in New England, as well as the devastating and suspicious fires in Maui, they believe that changes from these people will fix the problems. While their concerns are strongly worded, they also seem to think that these barely educated and poorly trained kids will fix everything.

The problem is, this is just putting their fingers in the dike. This problem is the result of too many years of the liberals trying to push us into green energy. Closing off conservation and proper land management to appease the liberals and their quest to save the red-breasted shrieking shrew (editor’s note, not a real animal) has failed. Now the liberals think they can do a better job with their version of it.

They claim their way of getting this done will come with a “living wage” as well as including funding for childcare, housing, transportation, and education. They want to add more people to replace the retiring forest rangers and conservation officers, and they believe this would be the key to doing that efficiently. However, the major difference is that back in FDR’s time, we were in the throes of an economic depression, and currently, we aren’t in one.

This is a federal complement to some programs already being run across the country. The major difference here is that these state programs are tailored specifically to their needs. In places like Alaska and Minnesota, they are tailored towards working alongside the Native American tribes and helping to facilitate their maintaining of traditions. This kind of specialization is something that everyone can undertake either.

For Biden to shove a federal version on the American people is his way of not only buying votes but he is forcing the liberal agenda down our throats and sacking us with the bill. This is training without the funding for continued employment and additional education already included. Yet another liberal plan that over-promises and under-delivers.