Cops Kill Armed Pedophile at Sting

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When the police make an example of a criminal, it often leads to some dramatic and sensational footage. And many will question the officer’s tactics. However, in the case of the officer-involved shooting of a 67-year-old man in Tukwila, Washington, there isn’t any sort of outcry. The man was looking for a sexual encounter with 7- and 11-year-old girls. He made his first mistake by trying to hook up with kids.

In a video statement going with the released footage, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz made no apologies for the shooting. “On Wednesday, the Washington State Internet Crimes Against Children task force conducted an arrest operation on a child predator suspect. The Seattle Police Department is the lead agency for this task force. Our community response group officers were waiting to arrest the 67-year-old white man when he arrived at the hotel room where he thought he was meeting two young girls, 7 and 11 years old. For our officers, these situations are dangerous, unpredictable, and can escalate rapidly.”

It started with a knock on the door. Three officers opened the door to greet the would-be pedophile. Upon seeing the officers, the sicko pulled a pistol from his waistband. As one officer went to secure the gun, a round was discharged. The other two proceeded to unload until the suspect dropped. The second officer took cover as he was unloading, and the third not only emptied the magazine on his Glock but also reloaded. One of the three was slightly injured in the mayhem.

Saving the taxpayers likely millions in the process, these three, as well as the rest of the task force, should be proud of how this turned out. There’s no telling how many times this may have happened and how many young girls the man abused in the past. With a pistol in his waistband, he was expecting the potential of some trouble, and he got it in spades.

At this point, the only people to feel bad for are his family members, who are now left with more answers than questions, and all of them more painful than the last.