Jerry Seinfeld Goes Off on “Extreme Left” for Ruining Comedy

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You know things are bad on the political left when your own is calling you out on it.

That’s what happened on Friday when Jerry Seinfeld, a longtime Democrat and left leaner, appeared on David Remnik’s “The New Yorker Radio Hour.”

During this time, Seinfeld quite clearly blames the political left for ruining comedy as we used to know and love it.

He reminded us of the glory days, saying we used to go home after work and be like, “‘ Oh, “Cheers” is on. ‘Oh, “M*A*S*H” is on.’ ‘Oh, “Mary Tyler Moore” is on.’ ‘” All in the Family” is on.’ You just expected there will be some funny stuff we can watch on TV tonight.”

But that’s not the way it is anymore. For starters, shows just aren’t all that funny, with more and more falling on the “serious/drama” side of entertainment. And those that are supposed to be funny, well, they just aren’t.


Well, I can’t put it much better than the Democrat himself.

“This is the result of the extreme left and PC crap and people worrying so much about offending other people. When you write a script, and in goes into four or five different hands, committees, groups – ‘Here’s our thought about this joke’ – well, that’s the end of your comedy.”

Now, of course, those of us on the right have been saying this for decades. But the left is a little slower…

In the meantime, what used to be fun entertainment and comedy is now, for the most part, utterly devoid of comedy.

What people need to realize about comedy, as its definition, is that it’s all about jokes. And what are jokes without pointing fun at one thing or another, sometimes to an extreme measure? It’s basically a given that someone, somewhere, is going to get offended, at least a little bit.

But thanks to the society the political left has recently created, where PC is everything and offending someone is worthy of being canceled, well, people are just too scared to take risks with comedy. It’s called “safe” comedy. But it’s not really comedy at all.

And if even Jerry Seinfeld can recognize it, then the rest of us need to as well.