This Dog’s Bark Is Way Worse Than Its Bite

Yoshina217 /
Yoshina217 /

A company from Ohio has unveiled the latest in sci-fi nightmares come to life, and their target isn’t the military or law enforcement but civilians. Called “Thermonator,” the laser-guided flame-throwing dog from Throwflame was announced via video on their Twitter/X account.

In the video, the dog is seen robotically walking around the forest, using a variety of sensors to help detect its way during the day. A blue light and a green laser help guide it in low visibility. Based on their ARC model, the dog sends flames up to 30 feet, making it perfect for the snow/ice removals they list as its main task.

Controlled remotely, the laser sight makes it easy as pie to clear the driveway from the front window as your neighbors look on with envy. You can even touch the back property line to the horror of your mother-in-law. With a $9,420 price tag, another main consumer will be in the agricultural/livestock market. Boundary marking fires or the controlled burn of old timber and hay are time-consuming and draining. This robot can help alleviate those problems.

Sadly, this could also lead to a further increase in restrictions on robotics. While video and laser-controlled robots that can operate firearms have been in existence for years, this dog could lead to greater federal regulation. The robotics industry is under significant scrutiny (unsurprisingly) as AI develops. Worried about the Feds trying to tell you that you can’t have the world’s greatest doggo? Then there is no time like the present.