Another Mass Stabbing in an Anti-Gun Nation Proves Guns Prevent Stabbings

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Liberals across the US love using island countries like England in their anti-gun crusade. Using skewed stats and selective data analysis, they make a horrible case for trying to remove the Second Amendment from the fabric of the American way of life. Proclaiming guns cause violence, they forget that guns stop violence even more often.

In Redbridge, North-East London, near Hainault Tube Station, a 36-year-old male crashed his van into a residence. Emerging, he set out to stab people with a long sword, specifically appearing to be a katana. Crouching in the front yards of homes, he attacked anyone he saw and stabbed at least five people. Among them, two London police officers, as well as a 14-year-old boy he fatally stabbed. Fortunately, the other victims are hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell of the London Metropolitan Police.

Coming just two days before the London Mayoral election, many are unhappy about the surge in knife crimes in recent months. With incumbent Labour Party Mayor, Sadiq Khan only finding the most recent attack “appalling” per a statement given to BBC, many are angry that he isn’t doing more about this. When Conservative Party opponent Susan Hall described machete-clutching gangs in London, he told her to “stop watching The Wire” in a debate on LBC Radio and rebuked the notion. Yet it is quickly becoming their reality.

Liberal delusion of violence and crime, when it doesn’t include guns, is a universal problem and one that we need to address. This gunless crime is just as horrific as ones with firearms, maybe even worse.

Swords and other objects designed to inflict damage never need a background check, don’t have a limit on who can own them, and are easily concealed in most areas of the world. They move quickly, and silently, and are easily modified. When held by someone larger they give them an incredible advantage over someone smaller. The best equalizer? A pistol. At that point, it’s just about who’s the best trained.