New Orleans PD Wants Tourists To Be Unarmed and Easy To Rob

Scott Cornell /
Scott Cornell /

When New Orleans police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick effectively told people that she doesn’t care about the tourist sections of New Orleans, nobody expected her to be so brazen. As first reported by 4WWL, she is doing so to push back against Republican Gov. Jeff Landry’s constitutional carry bill that he signed into law back on March 5th.

“New Orleans is unique. And this is not a one-size-fits-all bill. And so, what would apply and maybe be perfectly acceptable in a different part of the state of Louisiana, it’s not going to be effective for the entire city of New Orleans. Too much gun violence as it is in the city. We’ve made great strides. This will reverse the strides.”

In her mind, the answer to reducing the violence is to put the tourists that keep the city afloat at the greatest risk.

“We’ve looked at it internally, it would be Calliope over to the Marigny and then Rampart down to the river, because it would encompass the main thoroughfares that our tourists would be. The Superdome, down to the warehouse, entertainment area, and the Convention Center. So, it’d be broader than just the French Quarter.”

Criminals like easy targets. Tourist areas are already prime for the picking as they are often lost, not paying close attention, and are more prone to carrying larger amounts of cash. Being unarmed, they are far less likely to fight back, and that cuts down on the criminal’s risk levels. A move like this from Kirkpatrick should have everyone looking to visit NOLA rethinking that decision. If you do go, do what you should be doing anyway and stay out of the tourist zones. Better deals with the locals, too.