Surprise! Biden-Johnson Funding Bill for Israel Spends $3.5 Billion on Illegal Aliens

RomanR /
RomanR /

Congress was not even given a chance to fully read the bill that delivered more than $90 billion to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan last weekend over the objections of the American people. There was, however, some money tucked away for the US State Department in the bill that we’re just now learning about. In the section on funding for Israel, there was a provision for the US State Department to receive $3.5 billion to help funnel more illegal aliens into America.

This is what fake “Republican” House Speaker Mike Johnson teamed up with Joe Biden to deliver. The funding was randomly earmarked as “Refugee and Migration Assistance” for the State Department. It’s billed as money to “address humanitarian needs of vulnerable populations and communities.”

But we all know what it’s really for.

The State Department doles this money out to NGOs to assist illegal aliens in getting to the United States. Once the illegals are in the US, some of the NGOs also spend the money on freebies like new clothes, cell phones, and other presents for violating our laws.

Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for over a year now and despite having two different Speakers in that time, they’ve failed to pass any legislation to slow the invasion of our country. They haven’t passed anything to protect the economic or national security interests of the American people.

Yet while they were passing an outlandish bill to print more money to send to foreign countries, they slipped money in for Joe Biden’s incompetent State Department to continue the invasion. This is unbelievable.

Congress loves other countries so much that no amount of money is out of reach for them. Meanwhile, Congress hates the American people so much that they won’t lift a finger to protect us from an invasion.