Biden Invokes Holy Trinity While Talking About Abortion…

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As I am sure you know, President Joe Biden claims to be a “devout” Catholic. And yet, he not only supports abortion, but when talking about it recently, he had the gall to invoke the Holy Trinity.

It happened on Tuesday. Biden was attending a campaign organizing event in Florida. Also in attendance was the head of the Sunshine State’s Democratic Party, Nikki Fried.

As you can imagine, one major topic that came up was abortion.

In Florida, it’s a bigger deal than most, seeing as how Republican Governor and former presidential candidate Ron DeSantis just signed into law a bill that will further restrict abortions in the state from 15 weeks down to six, meaning most abortions have to take place within the first six weeks of pregnancy, the time at which the unborn child’s heartbeat can be heard.

So, naturally, Fried was complaining about the new law, which goes into effect at the beginning of May.

“And then, we come back here to the state of Florida, where Ron DeSantis felt like he needed to run for president, and so 15 weeks wasn’t good enough. We had to go to six weeks.”

It was at this point that Biden suddenly raised his fingers to make the sign of a cross.

As you can imagine, this did not necessarily go over well.

The crowd, seeing as how they are all Biden-loving Dems, didn’t seem to mind, in fact, some of them even chuckled a bit.

However, in the realm of social media, things played out much differently.

As the CatholicVote X account noted, “This. Is. VILE! You cannot be Catholic and promote abortion! You cannot invoke GOD and promote Death!”

Now, in reality, this may have less of an invocation of God than tongue-in-cheek warding off of either the mention of DeSantis, a possible DeSantis presidency, or limited abortions. All would fit here. And Biden’s facial expression seems to confirm this.

Nonetheless, Christians and Catholics the world over were none too impressed with Biden for such a gesture, and definitely not while speaking of something as Godless as abortion.