French Navy Defeated by Yemen in the Battle of the Red Sea

Kevin Shipp /
Kevin Shipp /

In the latest bit of evidence that NATO is an outdated and ineffective body that couldn’t protect a daycare, the French Navy has been forced to retreat from the Red Sea. The Aquitaine-class FREMM frigate Alsace turned tail and ran last week after it ran out of missiles and ammunition simply defending against attacks from Yemen, of all places.

“We didn’t necessarily expect this level of threat. There was an uninhibited violence that was quite surprising and very significant. [The Yemenis] do not hesitate to use drones that fly at water level, to explode them on commercial ships, and to fire ballistic missiles,” said the ship’s commander, Jerome Henry.

Translation: The Yemenis cheated by shooting at them!

After just a 71-day deployment in the Red Sea, the Alsace was forced to run away after it completely ran out of anything to shoot back with.

“From the Aster missile to the 7.62 machine gun of the helicopter, including the 12.7mm, 20mm, or 76mm cannon, we dealt with three ballistic missiles and half a dozen drones,” added Henry.

The unspoken part of this debacle is that NATO was incapable of restocking the Alsace with munitions because NATO has depleted its stocks by sending everything to continue its foolish war in Ukraine. If another country wanted to roll over France right now, it probably wouldn’t face much of a challenge in conquering it. The same goes for many other nations in NATO.

This doesn’t bode well for the US military if Joe Biden gets us into World War III before the election. China, Russia, Iran, and their proxies in Yemen just got the French Navy to retreat from a battle that they won with a couple of hundred thousand dollars’ worth of cheap drones.