Gen Z Panic-Searches ‘Can I Be Drafted’ as Iran Bombs Israel

chayanuphol /
chayanuphol /

An analysis of Google search terms reveals that young Americans are not confident in Joe Biden’s ability to keep us out of World War III. As Iran launched its massive, attempted bombing campaign against Israel over the weekend, GenZ and Millennials began panic-searching for the terms “Can I Be Drafted?” and “World War III.”

These search terms spiked on Saturday as the bombs were flying:

  • “When will world war iii begin”
  • “When is world war iii going to happen”
  • “Alexa, when will world war iii start”
  • “Are We headed for world war iii”

(Total side note: Who was searching for a response from Amazon’s voice-assisted Alexa on Google?)

The number of World War III searches hasn’t been this high since Russia invaded Ukraine. It suggests that younger generations of Americans have a good understanding of just how terrible Joe Biden is at foreign policy. We just spent four blissful years of the world at peace under Donald Trump’s leadership, but now Joe Biden keeps bumbling his way into wars everywhere he goes.

At the same time on Saturday, Google searches for the term “Can I Be Drafted?” also spiked. The last time that there were so many searches for that term was back in October when Hamas launched its sneak attack against Israel.

It’s obvious to everyone that Joe Biden is simply a puppet in all of this and that the globalists want to start World War III as part of their Great Reset. Young Americans see through this and because they are the ones who will be expected to go fight in these completely unnecessary wars, they’re balking at the idea.

Here is just one example of a young person who says he will flat-out refuse to fight for the US government in another pointless war. NSFW language warning: