African Invaders Whine to New York City Council about Their Free Food

Roy De La Cruz /
Roy De La Cruz /

The New York City Council bragged that it was forming a new advisory council that was going to improve the experience of illegal aliens in the city (for the illegals, not for Americans). All the benefits and “freebies” that are currently being provided to the invaders are not good enough! They invited approximately 250 invaders to the council meeting this week, but all that the ungrateful welfare leeches did was complain about the food.


When was the last time that a city council anywhere in America announced that it was going to try to make life better for Americans? Has that ever happened?

Yet New York City seems to think that its illegal aliens are worthy of an improved “experience” living in the city. They already get housing, cell phones, tablets, laptops, pre-loaded debit cards, and dry cleaning provided by working taxpayers. That’s not good enough?

As we’ve seen over and over again, leftist mayors are bending over backward to accommodate these criminals (and they are all criminals, including the children, no matter what anyone says). They’ve kicked American children out of their schools to make room for the illegals. They’ve shut down family community centers and moved illegals in.

How are all the homeless Americans in New York City doing right now, by the way? Did they even survive the winter after Mayor Eric Adams kicked them out of all the shelters and moved more illegal aliens in?

It’s amazing how ungrateful these people are after they’ve broken our laws, violated the sanctity of our national borders, and been given amazing handouts that would never be given to low-income Americans. You have to see it for yourself.

Watch as one of the invaders complains about the free food they’re receiving, courtesy of the taxpayers: