Watch: Liar Joe Biden Claims Thanksgiving was “Fourth Cheapest on Record”

Maria Raz /
Maria Raz /

Hello, fellow Americans! What are you planning to spend all that extra money that Joe Biden saved you on Thanksgiving dinner costs this year? Don’t spend it all in one place! At this point, you kind of have to wonder if Joe Biden is trying to lose his reelection bid in 2024. His lies and gaslighting about the economy make us wonder if he’s been getting into Hunter’s stash. On Monday, he had the audacity to claim that this year’s Thanksgiving dinner was one of the cheapest ones Americans have ever eaten.

While praising his own “Bidenomics,” which is crippling household budgets and destroying the middle class, Joe Biden claimed that Americans just had the fourth-cheapest Thanksgiving dinner on record. The nerve of this guy!

The US Farm Bureau is a part of Joe Biden’s branch of the government. Just last week, the bureau announced that the cost of Thanksgiving dinner for 2023 was 22% higher than in 2022. What the Farm Bureau did not mention was that last week’s Thanksgiving dinner cost 40% more than when Donald Trump was in office. (We checked.)

Every American has become poorer since Joe Biden took office, with the exception of executives at Pfizer and Moderna. Bidenflation has brought the price of all consumer goods up by 17.1% since President Trump left office, while real weekly wages have fallen by 3.9%. Unless you have received a $950 per week pay increase, you’re not even breaking even with what you were making when Trump was president.

Everyone feels it at the grocery store, the gas pump, and anywhere else that they spend money. Listen to all the retarded people in the room who start clapping when Joe Biden makes the outlandish claim that Thanksgiving was so cheap this year: