Subway Creates 3-Inch Sub as Inflation Continues

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As inflation continues to inhibit the economy, the Subway sandwich chain is introducing a new “mini-sub” in the hopes that people can still afford to buy from them.

To be clear, the mini-sub is only available in Pakistan, where inflation has hit record levels this summer. According to Chew Boom, a restaurant news website, the Asian nation has suffered a major economic crisis.

If you think inflation is bad here, just wait to see what Pakistan has been dealing with. There, the inflation rate hit a whopping 27.38 percent earlier this summer.

And when it comes to food prices, things are even worse. Bloomberg has docked food inflation at an astronomical 38.5 percent.

A South Asia expert at Bloomberg Economics, Ankur Shukla, said, “Price gains are set to pick up again as a weaker rupee drives up import costs and the government increases prices for fuel and utilities to meet the International Monetary Fund’s aid terms.”

And experts believe that will be the case for the Asian country for some time to come, at least until the end of the year.

Sound familiar?

While the US economy is nowhere near the inflation rates seen in Pakistan at present, it wouldn’t take much to imagine us getting there. Thanks to Biden, inflation has already hit record highs this summer, and prices everywhere and for everything are way up.

Naturally, that includes food and the ability for people to eat out.

In addition to Subway, McDonald’s and Chipotle have noticed rather dramatic sales drops, mostly from lower-income customers due to Bidenflation impacts on even the most basic foods and home staples.

It makes one wonder how long it will be before Subway brings their new mini-sub to the US for the same reason, which is sold for half the price of their usual 6-inch subs.