Of Course, America is Terrified of Jill Biden’s WH Christmas Video

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

By now, you don’t likely expect all that much from the Biden White House around Christmas time. However, Jill Biden’s most recent Christmas video from those once hallowed halls has Americans pretty much everywhere absolutely horrified.

As you know, it is the task of the First Lady, or at least an assumed task, to decorate the White House each year for the holiday season. As is true for most homeowners and even renters, some do a better job at decorating than others.

It’s become wildly clear as we approach the Bidens’s third Christmas in the White House that “Dr. Jill,” as she prefers to be called, is no decorator and doesn’t have much of an imagination.

But this is only a minor problem conveyed in Jill’s recent video of the White House Christmas festivities.

Enter Mrs. Biden’s take on “The Nutcracker Suite.”

As you can see from the video and its accompanied words, this is a rendition of a holiday classic put on by the “talented tappers of Dorrance Dance.” And to be sure, the tap dancers are talented.

However, they are also dressed in drag, painted in rainbow, and practically screaming liberal nonsense.

Republican reporter Sarah Fields notes that Dorrance Dance is a New York-based dance company. But it doesn’t just focus on dance routines and movements. Instead, its website boasts of teaching white people to “check their privilege” and also being mindful of who supports certain political candidates.

Namely, they want you to note that they are advocates for BLM and SURJ and are dedicated to “organizing white people for racial justice.”

As you can imagine, plenty of people were not a fan of seeing this kind of act displayed in the White House, let alone plastered on social media as if it was something our nation should be proud of.


This also makes us surely long for the classic and elegant days when Melania Trump graced the White House.