NYC Officially Has Some of the Dirtiest Air on the Planet Despite Leftist “Green” Mission

lev radin /
lev radin /

New York City has been taking great strides to improve its carbon footprint and its air quality. With liberal leadership shoving ride-sharing, electric cars and scooters, and green energy down our throats, you would think that city would be exceptionally clean.

Suddenly, the wind shifts as the wildfires build up in western Canada and begin raging in Quebec. Without warning and caught with their pants down and unable to do anything about it, the live rankings from IQAir had the big apple as the second dirtiest on the planet as of June 7th. With Delhi, India, being the only spot consistently worse, it goes to show just how quickly nature can spoil their efforts and how futile it all is.

As a result, the mayor and left-loving Democrat Eric Adams canceled all outdoor school activities that were planned on June 6th, 7th, and 8th. According to a New York Times piece, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index (AQI), in NYC has remained rather consistent at 50 over the last few years. On June 6th, that number reached 218.

Keeping up with the dirty air is not an easy task for NYC officials. Unlike California, Colorado, or the desert regions of the US, the northeast is not used to air like this. The orange hue of the sky with the sun being blocked out is not the normal summer weather that these people are used to experiencing. Instead, it resembles the post-apocalyptic images that Hollywood studios pay millions of dollars to recreate.

To keep people safe and increase emergency funding that might be needed, all five boroughs of NYC released Air Quality Health Advisories across the board On June 7th. While many hoped that things would improve, June 7th saw IQAir issue their latest live rating that squarely placed NYC at the top of the heap.

Zachary Iscol, the commissioner of New York City’s Office of Emergency Management told Fox5 in NYC “The AQI, air quality index, hit 484. It tops out at 500.”

This rating is beyond unacceptable. It is deadly, and the people of NYC cannot be breathing that kind of air. For the homeless, heat and air shelters have been made available, but fill up quickly.

For a city that has been trying to follow in lockstep with its Commiefornia brethren and make their city a clean energy haven while cleaning the earth, they have failed miserably. Given the size of the wildfires and the energy they still have left to burn through, there is still a long way to go for NYC.

They aren’t the only ones going through it either. From Syracuse across to Buffalo and Cleveland and spreading to Detroit, this blanket of horrific smoke-filled air is causing tremendous damage across the entire northeast. With the central plains and Rocky Mountains getting ready to enter their own fire-prone time of the year, many wonder how bad the air quality will get this year.

Wildfires like this prove something about nature that these liberals often overlook, it does what it needs to do to keep clean and to keep itself safe. This is just another one of the chunks in the circle of life. Their attempts to inconvenience the American people by going “green” only cost us more money and provide no actual improvements in our lives. Seeing mother nature getting the earth prepared to take back what is hers is just a part of life. As are these wildfires.

Going green isn’t going to save the planet. Forcing it on people will be like Obamacare; it provides something people can’t afford to get something the people aren’t able to use. Much like a left-handed screwdriver, it just doesn’t make sense. Instead focusing on putting out these wildfires and doing more to prevent them should be the big focus.