Massachusetts Asks Citizens to Let Illegal Aliens Move into Their Homes

Jorge Salcedo /
Jorge Salcedo /

The housing crisis in America, which was caused by Joe Biden, has gotten so bad that the Democrat governor of Massachusetts is asking residents of her state to allow illegal aliens to move in with them. An estimated 316,000 illegal aliens have moved into Massachusetts since Biden threw the southern border wide open. There is simply not enough housing or homeless shelters to accommodate all of them.

Proving that her contempt for American citizens knows no bounds, Gov. Maura Healey (D) says that any residents who have an empty room in their home or apartment should just move a family of illegal aliens in with them. No, really. She said that out loud.

Many of the illegals showing up are from the crime-riddled failed nation of Haiti, of all places. WBUR in Boston reports, “Massachusetts officials are seeking residents willing to host newly arrived families in need of shelter. Hosts are asked to provide a room or apartment for a few days.”

Not surprisingly at all, affluent Massachusetts residents who vote a straight Democrat ticket in every election and who sing the praises of diversity all day long are not lining up to offer their homes to illegal aliens from machete-wielding failed states.

Massachusetts is already spending millions of taxpayer dollars to house illegal aliens in 40 different hotels and motels in the state, but now they’re out of room. It’s not as if the illegal aliens are going to spend tourism dollars the same way that American tourists would if they could stay in the hotels. It’s like a trickle-down failure to invite unlimited numbers of illegals into the country as we’re facing a housing shortage.

Naturally, Gov. Healey is sending the illegals to the smaller red cities in her state and dumping them there. None of the illegals are being dumped at Martha’s Vineyard, Cambridge, Nantucket, or the more affluent liberal strongholds. Go figure.