It’s Been 60 Days Since the DeSantis Campaign Said They Had 60 Days to Stop Trump

Back in August, during one of Ron DeSantis’s now-infamous campaign “resets,” the Never Back Down PAC supporting him announced that they had just 60 days left to stop Donald Trump. If they couldn’t knock Trump into second place in the GOP primary polling within that timeframe, the DeSantis campaign was doomed. Well, guess what? The Trump campaign gleefully pointed out on Monday, October 23rd, that the 60-day deadline was up.

The Never Back Down PAC was asking for $50 million in new campaign donations from the Never-Trump billionaire class of RINOs to carry this out. Instead of overtaking Trump as the favorite of Republican primary voters, DeSantis spent the next 60 days falling even further behind.

As of the week of October 23rd, when the deadline to “stop Trump” came and went, DeSantis has plummeted to just 8% in the polls. He’s now tied with the unimpressive and bloodthirsty neocon warmonger Nimarata Randhawa (Nikki Haley). DeSantis now trails Trump by more than 50% in many of the polls, meaning that it’s all over except for the final embarrassment of making his I’m-dropping-out-now speech.

Instead of denying that the 60-day deadline existed, DeSantis’s “rapid response director,” Christina Pushaw, highlighted the fact that the Trump campaign was mocking them. She claimed many times on Twitter that the fact that the Trump campaign was making fun of DeSantis’s failure was proof that she “broke them.”


DeSantis disagreed with his rapid response director, however. He took a bizarre defeat lap and told reporters that his PAC’s messaging was not a “very smart thing to do.”

He added, “[Jeff Roe’s] not my adviser, and they do what they want to do. I think that that’s fine. I don’t think very many people think that that was a very smart thing to do with whatever was going on with that.”

Jeff Roe is the not-very-good-at-this head of the Never Back Down PAC. He infamously released a video of the Never Back Down PAC’s staff lighting strippers’ butt cheeks on fire at a party earlier this year, right as DeSantis was stumping for Evangelical Christian votes in Iowa. That’s beyond counterproductive, obviously, and has led many to note that this is the absolute worst-run campaign in modern history, or perhaps in all of American history.

In a further sign of bad news, donors from the Republican Never-Trump class have begun abandoning DeSantis and writing checks for the Trump campaign. Ed Broyhill, for example, was Trump’s campaign finance chairman in North Carolina during the 2020 election. He had been wavering all year between supporting either DeSantis or Mike Pence.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump will be the nominee of our party,” said Broyhill this week. He also noted that none of the other candidates could even come close to the level of grassroots support that President Trump has.

Other Never Trumpers who cut checks to the Trump campaign this past week include Oklahoma oil and gas baron Harold Hamm, and South Carolina financier Scott Bessent, who had been backing Nikki Haley and Tim Scott.

One unnamed donor from the billionaire RINO class was asked by NBC News why he was switching his financial support back to President Trump and away from DeSantis. His answer was very simple:

“Why? It is easy, I want to win.”

As do we all. In related news, candidates Perry Johnson and Larry Elder both abandoned their campaigns this week and endorsed Donald Trump. How much longer do you think it will be before Ron DeSantis does the same?