Is That Baghdad or Beverly Hills? With Democrats Getting Their Way, It’s Hard To Tell

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Going for a cruise along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, and it no longer looks like the fashion and luxury mecca of the US. Even back in 2008, when the economy was tanking across the nation, Beverly Hills still looked unaffected. When the Santa Ana winds brought the LA wildfires into the peaks, their shops were always still full, and their streets packed.

Now though, windows are boarded up everywhere. Stockm is purposely kept low, and items are locked in cabinets. Garments and bags are chained up or locked in display cases. Even neighboring Target locations have simple things like suntan lotion under lock and key. Nowhere in the area is exempt from these horrible procedures.

Yet they have no one to blame for this but themselves. By passing laws and changes to the way crime is handled, they have made nearly everything short of mass murder and aggravated rape a book, ticket, and release offense. In the liberal mindset, the only people committing a crime are disenfranchised, and as such, they should be given special sympathy and understanding.

Never mind the fact that over 80% of those cited go out and are back to the same thefts and stickups they already committed just hours before. They don’t change their tactics; they just keep coming. Given how little response is being provided to these crimes, why would they? It’s easier and simpler to destroy the city and run these businesses out of town, so they have less.

This elimination of stores and other businesses is already costing the city and state greatly in taxes, and many properties are now sitting vacant. With other brands unable or unwilling to pay the rent in such high-crime areas, it’s no surprise that they have problems filling them up. With a 2014 initiative that passed by a shocking percentage, anything under 950 dollars, it’s a misdemeanor.

With 4.2 million Californians voting to approve that garbage by a 60 to 40 margin, it sets a horrible precedence and sends the wrong signal to the people of California. A signal that also tells criminals that the state is open for business. These criminals aren’t just coming from South Central and other spots. They are even coming from inside their own well-to-do cities. As the cost of living goes up to pay for the programs that should be “helping” the disenfranchised are being pissed away, the crime continues to skyrocket.

Unfortunately for the 17 good people in Beverly Hills, they are surrounded by dopes who continue to believe every sentiment the left continues to feed them, and they do little to no research into the drivel they continue to shovel along to the people. Instead, they opt to blindly follow along like a group of sheep, more than happy to head for slaughter. They don’t see the risk they put themselves and those around them at.

Instead, all they see is the “good” they believe they are doing. It’s despicable and so shortsighted of them. As their once beautiful and historic shopping districts and other parts of the city now look like war zones, people need to start waking up and asking themselves if this was a good idea. They can only leave the blinders on for so long, and the time for keeping them on was reached far too long ago. If they opt to keep turning a blind eye to it, they will soon find themselves being forced from their homes, cars, and businesses at gunpoint.

While a crime like that would certainly be well over the $950 limit, it would also leave a lot of questions about what they were going to do, and where they could go from here. There is little more upside to having your city and property ransacked every week. Especially when it’s the same people damn near each time.