ICE Document is the Most Shocking Thing Experienced Immigration Lawyer Has Ever Seen

Dean Drobot /
Dean Drobot /

By now, you’ve heard all about the issues at our southern border, how it’s being overrun with tens of thousands of illegal crossers each and every day. But as one experienced immigration lawyer states, there is something even more shocking than that.

As a 30-year immigration lawyer, Matthew Kolken has seen a lot in his day from both sides of just about any immigration-related argument. And clearly, as a man in his profession, he considers the legitimacy of immigration and asylum-seeking.

After all, some people come to the US not simply because they want to make a better life for themselves (which there is nothing inherently wrong with) but because they are in actual fear for their lives. Thanks to the instability of governments in a multitude of other nations, some people just aren’t safe, forcing them to seek shelter here.

However, during a recent and legitimate asylum case, Kolken made a startling realization.

According to what he told Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, his client, a Columbian woman with an airtight asylum claim, just received her check-in papers from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The problem is that she isn’t even supposed to check in until 2031.

As Melugin wrote, “@mkolken tells me it’s one of the most shocking things he’s seen in nearly 30 years of immigration law.”

As Kolken told Melugin, “It made me realize the Biden administration is basically providing backdoor amnesty for anyone who wants to show up at the border.”

There’s nothing wrong with accepting immigrants; America was, after all, built on immigration. But it needs to be a process with checks and balances. And right now, it’s basically a free-for-all.

And the courts are so backlogged it is apparently taking a whopping eight years before legitimate asylum seekers even get to check in, let alone get granted asylum and legal documentation.

Suffice it to say the way things are working is NOT working.