George Santos Files EPIC Ethics Complaints against RINOs for Insider Trading

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

On the Monday following a successful vote to expel him from Congress, outgoing Rep. George Santos (R-NY) went scorched earth on the RINO sissies who joined the Democrats to vote against him last week. He looks like an ‘80s action hero walking away from a giant explosion in slow motion right now. The idiotic House Republicans only have a 3-seat majority now, thanks to 105 low-IQ RINOs stabbing one of their own in the back. Santos is getting his revenge now. He’s filing a slough of ethics complaints against the Republicans who voted to oust him.

First up on Monday was Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY). Malliotakis is so moderate that actually brags about being an immigrant, as if that’s a good thing in the country right now. At any rate, Santos filed an ethics complaint against her, alleging that she’s now engaging in insider trading. He notes that Malliotakis didn’t have an active stock trading habit before she entered Congress, and what little trading she did was at low volume.

Now that Malliotakis is on the House Ways & Means Committee, she’s suddenly trading stocks a lot, according to Santos, and at high volumes.

As just one example,
Malliotakis bought stock in New York Community Bancorp on March 17thof this year, just two-and-a-half months after she joined the Ways & Means Committee. Within 24 hours of Malliotakis’ stock purchase, the price of NYCB shares shot up by 40%. Santos wants the House Ethics Committee to look closely at her newfound hobby of stock trading.

Next, Santos filed a complaint against Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY), another cowardly RINO from New York who voted against him. Lawler is the part owner of a company called Checkmate Strategies, which he uses to run his political campaigns.

As Santos wants to know, “Is Mr Lawler engaging in laundering money form his campaign to his firm then into his own pocket?

Santos then filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Nick LaLota (R-NY), who also voted for his expulsion. Have we mentioned that George Santos hasn’t even gone to trial on the petty accusations against him. Seriously, one of the accusations against George Santos is that he’s not really gay… which… isn’t exactly the insult that his RINO enemies probably think it is. Anyway, Santos notes in his ethics complaint that Congressman LaLota was employed by the Board of Elections at the same time when he was earning his law degree at Hofstra University.

Did Rep Lalota no-show to his tax pay funded job while going to school and if so he can potential have stolen public funds form the tax payers of NY?” asked Santos in this ethics complaint.

Finally, Santos filed another ethics complaint against Rep. Rob Menendez (D-NJ). He’s the son of Senator Bob “Gold Bar” Menendez (D-NJ), who is currently under investigation for taking bribes from Egypt and other alleged crimes. Santos is asking the House Committee on Ethics to take a closer look at Congressman Menendez’s involvement in his father’s overseas business dealings. Maybe they should check his laptop!

We already thought that George Santos was awesome because of his 100% conservative voting record, but now that they’ve kicked him out of Congress, he’s gotten even more hilarious. After just 11 months in Congress, Santos has picked up a lot of dirt on everyone there—and he’s airing all the dirty laundry on his Twitter/X channel now.

For example, he announced that Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY) had six staffers quit on him earlier this year because he’s a drunken bully to them—and there might be a police report involved! Yet George Santos is the one who gets kicked out of Congress, while the GOP sits around not doing anything about Joe Biden’s bribery schemes or his administration’s destruction of the country.