AOC Throws Tantrum Over Twitter Showing Her the Unpolished Opinions From Her Fellow Americans

lev radin /
lev radin /

People have seen the meltdowns from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for several years now. From losing all reasonable composure in the House to the outpourings of her emotions on Twitter like it’s her private diary for liberal garbage, she’s made the American people witness it all.

With Twitter’s recent change to Sprinklr to moderate the content on Twitter and the removal of blue checks unless you are a massive entity or you pay for the service, AOC, like many others, doesn’t know how to deal with this clear reality.

As she tweeted for all to read, “lololol I have never experienced more harassment on this platform than I do now. People now pay to give their harassment more visibility. The de-verification of journalists, civic orgs, and figures has made it impossible to follow conversations. I wish it could be usable again.”

Even though she showed this side of herself publicly, it was her outburst in a DC area politician and lawyers bar that should be concerning people most. She was allegedly seen weeping in the darkened corner of the bar, AOC proclaimed, “Why don’t they like me?? I dance on rooftops, I’m engaged to a man so deep in the closet he’s finding lost Christmas presents, and I bartended through college. I mastered the Negroni. Do you hear me?? The Negronnnii!!”

An outburst like this is common with the liberal left. They expect that everyone is going to love whatever draconian mutterings that tumble out of their mouths. Yet, as AOC has seen in the newly moderated Twitter landscape, the unpolished and unfiltered truth is this: most Americans despise her. Globally, people who keep up with American politics are disgusted by her as well.

While this article has some satire to it, she really did lose it over the unfiltered Twitter. Go ahead and fact-check that tweet. We’ll wait, bring back snacks.