A 9-Year-Old Humiliates Nikki Haley on the Campaign Trail

Juli Hansen / shutterstock.com
Juli Hansen / shutterstock.com

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has done a great job on the campaign trail this year by reminding American voters of why they hate establishment neocons so much. “Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels” is pretty much the best and most accurate nickname we’ve heard for her yet, although Donald Trump’s “Birdbrain” is a close second. Her sinking campaign is going so badly that she got “owned” by a 9-year-old child during a campaign stop last week.

Over the past week or so, Haley has been calling for censoring the internet. Specifically, she wants the opinions of Americans who might hurt Israel’s feelings to no longer be allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights online. She also announced that she wants all internet anonymity abolished so that dangerous and tyrannical politicians just like her can know the real names of people who make fun of them.

How ironic is it that “Nikki Haley” is a pseudonym for this particular politician? Nikki Haley isn’t even her real name!

Republican voters have been complaining for 15 years that we’re being censored online, and now Nikki Haley wants our vote so that she can do more censorship online. Got it. Does she really not understand how this whole “freedom of speech” thing works?

At any rate, it looks like Nikki Haley finally had her “Please clap” moment of the 2024 campaign. While she was stumping in New Hampshire with that state’s RINO, Trump-hating governor, her campaign staff obviously tried to stage something heartwarming for the news cameras.

This was a campaign stunt that was obviously designed to try to make Nikki Haley look kind and motherly and relatable, and not at all like a bloodthirsty hag who wants to hurl your children into another pointless forever war that serves no US national security interest at all. Unfortunately, the 9-year-old girl that they tried to use for this stunt wasn’t playing along.

Watch the brutal honesty on display as this kid takes Nikki Haley down a peg: