100 Percent of Democrats Vote against Veteran Healthcare Because It Doesn’t Pay for Sex Changes

Ground Picture / shutterstock.com
Ground Picture / shutterstock.com

Republicans in Congress are trying to increase veteran healthcare funding above current levels, but the Biden White House says it’s a dead issue. Every Democrat in the House of Representatives just voted against the bill on the grounds that it provides no funding for “gender-affirming care” for veterans.

While the bill passed the House, it is not expected to make it through the Senate for the exact same reason. On top of that, Biden says he’ll veto it.

The GOP-led bill is called the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act. It contains $130 billion for medical care for veterans and an additional $160 billion in discretionary spending and military housing expenses.

The smarmy White House says it “appreciates” the construction spending, but Joe Biden is furious that the bill won’t pay for abortions. Even worse, Biden is up in arms because the bill does not “provide hormone therapies for the purpose of gender-affirming care.”

A Biden memo was released last month, which showed the extraordinary privileges that the regime is showing toward transgender soldiers in the military. They don’t actually have to do much work, they’re not subject to the same dress and hair codes as real soldiers, and they never have to go on deployment as long as they are taking hormone therapies. It’s no wonder recruitment levels have fallen to historically low levels. Who would want to serve under these conditions?

As the House was voting to pass the veteran healthcare bill on a party-line vote, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) wasted time by screaming, “Your bills are racist!” at Republicans. It’s unclear what exactly was racist about not paying for abortions or sex changes, and she did not elaborate.

Here is what the chaos on the House floor looks like these days when childish Democrats don’t get their way: