UK Kicks Military Families Out of Housing to Make Room for Illegal Aliens

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Military families who have been living on a former airbase near the village of Wethersfield, UK, have received some bad news. The UK government has given many of them just a week to pack up their things and move in order to make room for a horde of illegal aliens. Like here in the US, the UK has been flooded with so many illegals—all claiming to be “refugees” seeking asylum—that there is no longer any place to put them.

There have been 18 army families living at the former airbase. The base is about a mile away from Wethersfield, which has a population of about 700. The Home Office informed the families that they need to pack their stuff and get out because the government will be moving 1,700 illegal aliens onto the base.

They didn’t even talk to the families about it. They just showed up and told them to get out. One resident spoke to Sky News anonymously, saying, “They’ve railroaded everyone with this. I wish they’d have given us a choice and not made it feel so forced. If they’d had the conversations it would have been easier.”

The UK government is moving the migrants onto the base as it attempts to reduce its £6 million pounds-per-day bill for housing the illegal aliens in hotels as their asylum claims are processed. Every government in Western civilization is operating from the same playbook right now (almost as if they’re taking orders from some unseen entity).

They can’t possibly turn any illegal aliens away because of the danger they represent to the lives and cultures of the nations they are invading. Now they’re kicking military families out of their homes to make room for the horde. Expect the Democrats to start doing this in America if they win the White House next year.