The Left’s War on Women Is a Feminist’s Nightmare 

Jacob Lund /
Jacob Lund /

On August 26th, the nation observed Women’s Equality Day, a significant occasion that marks the anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s adoption. This pivotal amendment, formally ratified on August 18, 1920, gave women the fundamental legal right to vote.  

The Biden administration continued the tradition of honoring Women’s Equality Day, with Biden declaring, “On this day, we recommit to delivering a better future for all of America’s daughters and for our nation. My administration is committed to realizing the promise of the suffragists, who knew that equality begins at the ballot box and requires women to have a seat at the table.” 

But suffragists who fought so hard to earn their spot at the table may find themselves at odds with the current war on women. While many suffragists were lesbian, chances are they would have drawn a hard line at men playing against them on the sports field. 

Feminists advocate for gender equality, challenging patriarchal systems and stereotypes. They seek equal rights, opportunities, and empowerment for all genders. Intersectionality is valued, acknowledging how various identities intersect to shape experiences. Feminists work against gender-based violence, promote reproductive rights, and emphasize global and diverse perspectives. The movement aims to break down societal barriers, encouraging awareness, education, and positive change regarding gender issues. 

While some feminists take a hard stance, many of the core facets of feminism are common-sense equality standards for women. 

And the Biden administration is single-handedly undoing decades of progress made by feminists. 

Many feminists have expressed concerns about the impact of including transgender women within traditionally defined women’s spaces or organizations. They may raise questions about the intersection of sex and gender, particularly in relation to issues like women’s sports or women’s shelters. These feminists advocate for maintaining certain distinctions based on biological sex. 

For every man in a dress achieving name recognition or taking on any form of power, there is a woman left behind. It’s true in sports, with examples of transgender females using their advantage as biological males to win athletic competitions from swimming to track and field. It’s true in Hollywood when trans performer Mj Rodriguez took the award for best actress in a TV drama away from Uzo Aduba, Jennifer Aniston, Christine Baranski, and Elisabeth Moss. 

News publications awarded several “Women of the Year” spots to transgender women, removing the opportunity for biological women’s achievements to be highlighted. Minnesota Delegate Leigh Finke earned USA Today recognition for the award, and last year USA Today honored Biden’s transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine with the same award. 

The left has placed a Supreme Court Justice on the bench who was unable to define the term “woman.” A transgender male was cleared of several indecent exposure charges in a women’s locker room at an Ohio YMCA when the judge determined there was no offense because the individual was too fat for their genitals to be seen. The defendant, in this case, physically violated a female and paraded nude through the locker room in front of kids while watching them shower. 

Female members of the University of Wyoming’s Kappa Kappa Gamma lost a lawsuit against the sorority after the organization allowed a biological male to join. The “transgender female” leered and stared at them, made inappropriate comments and held a pillow over his lap to hide his physical excitement while watching the young college girls in the sorority house.  

The final verdict, per a U.S. District judge, was that the bylaws were not specific enough in limiting membership to “women.” While ruling in favor of the transgender defendant, the judge stated, “The court will not define a ‘woman’ today.” 

Mothers are in the line of fire as well, with the term mother being updated to “gestational parent,” “carrier,” and “egg producer.”  

While some feminists do embrace the “T” in LGBTQ+, many do not support a movement that detracts from their own progress. The Women’s Liberation Front and Women’s Declaration International USA have backed a Republican bill banning transgender women from competing in women’s sports. The radical feminist groups explain that they believe in women’s rights as defined by biological sex, not gender identity. 

Progressives may think they have the full support of feminists, but they need to think again. The very nature of the left’s war on women is an affront to all the progress females have made since 1920.