The Irony: Trump’s “Martial Law” Proposal for a Peaceful Transfer of Power Faces Liberal Opposition

The headlines of the mainstream media worriedly announce, “Trump plans to impose martial law on his inaugural day,” complete with Hitler comparisons and fears that he will “go after” his political opponents in a revenge scheme fit to rival the Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya. 

“My name is Donald Trump. You almost killed my political future. Prepare to die.” 

Of course, the reality is never entirely what the left hopes it will be. Without exaggeration and fearmongering, the left has no way to stop the Trump train. 

In 2020, rumors circulated that Trump discussed using martial law to “stay in power.” Even Reuters had to fact-check a phony tweet, allegedly by the President, claiming he would declare martial law to remain in the White House. That did not stop the left from manufacturing even more martial law rumors to discredit Trump. 

In a twist of irony, had Democrats allowed Trump to call up military aid, January 6th would not have happened. It’s an inconvenient truth the left glosses over. 

The left chose to frame his request for military aid on January 6th in a far more sinister light, baselessly claiming he would use it to stay in power. The left’s imagination is vivid, and their gullibility knows no bounds. 

Now, leftists are claiming that Trump plans to invoke martial law on his inaugural day. They have no proof of the claim, but it sounds good, and the media loves it. According to reports, “right-wing organizations” are exploring the option of enacting the Insurrection Act after Trump reclaims the White House. 

The Insurrection Act empowers the President to deploy federal troops and military personnel to quell domestic disturbances and insurrections under certain conditions. These conditions typically include situations where state and local authorities cannot control the unrest, when requested by a state’s governor, or when the President determines that the situation warrants federal intervention to protect federal property or enforce federal laws. 

Trump would be wise to enact military aid on his inaugural day to avoid another, and even worse, January 6th incident. The left has shown over and over again that it has no hesitation when it comes to violent uprisings for far less than a presidential election that doesn’t go their way. The odds are good that the left, fueled by media pandering and Biden’s continued divisive hate speech, would burn the nation to the ground. 

In addition, claim those on the left, Trump has disturbing plans to weaponize the Department of Justice against his political rivals. Only the most tone-deaf Democrats will fail to see the irony in that claim. Trump and his allies have been the target of unfair legal actions for the entirety of Biden’s presidency, exclusively to silence him and remove him as a challenger to Biden’s quest for reelection. He was the target of a manufactured Hillary Clinton-funded disinformation campaign that plagued him throughout his presidency, with the hopes of removing him from the White House. 

Project 2025 also raised alarms within the Democrat party because it revealed that Trump would seek to oust partisan hacks from governmental agencies. Wait a minute, a president who seeks to surround himself with like-minded people? Preposterous. The left has taken offense to a statement made by the group, claiming that “the goal of the 2025 Presidential Transition Project” is to “build on four pillars that will, collectively, pave the way for an effective conservative Administration.”  One of those pillars bemoans liberals, is to hire conservatives, or “stack them,” as Democrats claim, for thousands of mid-level staff jobs.  

Again, a president surrounding himself with those who share his vision for the country? It’s unheard of and certainly not something Democrats have done. 

The left goes on to wring their hands because Trump’s stated goal of his election campaign is to “focus on crushing his opponents” for the primary, then to beat Joe Biden. Americans would be forgiven for assuming this is the goal of any presidential candidate. 

Trump posted on social media that he wanted to appoint “a real special prosecutor” to expose Biden’s corruption, including his planned “destruction of borders and the United States itself.” For a  former president who has suffered so much at the hands of Biden while the media ignores the sitting president’s legacy of corruption, it’s not a stretch to want to reveal the depths of treasonous activity Biden has enjoyed throughout his lengthy tenure in the government. 

The left continues to frame Trump in the most negative light possible, sacrificing the truth to advance their claims in the hopes of removing Biden’s biggest challenger from the 2024 election. But the irony lives on.