SpaceX Starship Gets Up for a Second Time and Yet Again Goes Rogue

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Technoking Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship was launched for a second try on November 19th and, yet again, not quite successful.

On that fateful morning, people cheered as the rocket blasted off and gained the upward momentum needed to get to space. Fired off the private SpaceX Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas, once it reached the outer limits and into space, the crew suddenly lost contact with the unmanned craft. Unable to maintain a proper course a few minutes later, a decision to launch the self-destruct sequence was given.

While the rocket had successfully split into two pieces, as the first stage booster began to tumble down, there was no way to regain control of it for a smooth descent into the Gulf of Mexico as scheduled. Instead, when the call was made to self-destruct, it took everything along with it.

Despite this explosion, Space X issued a congratulatory Tweet on X (aka Twitter) following the launch. “Congratulations to the entire SpaceX team on an exciting second integrated flight test of Starship! Starship successfully lifted off under the power of all 33 Raptor engines on the Super Heavy Booster and made it through stage separation.”

Celebrating this kind of achievement is a big thing. Having 33 smaller and independent engines fire correctly and simultaneously is not an easy feat. To accomplish it on this mammoth of a rocket is nothing short of extraordinary. As designers learned in April during a failed launch, it has massive pressure and temperature changes that make the entire ordeal increasingly difficult to get right. Especially on such new and innovative tech like SpaceX is coming up with.

As previously stated by Breitbart about these missions, “the Starship rocket is designed to carry both people and cargo and is crucial to NASA’s plan to have astronauts on the moon once again. In 2021, NASA announced that it had awarded a contract to SpaceX for nearly $3 billion.” As they explained, Musk has his sights set on expanding to colonization on Mars, but injuries on the project being hidden are of concern.

However, they cautioned, “At least 600 employee injuries that were previously not public knowledge include traumatic brain injuries, severed limbs, and a death. SpaceX’s disregard for worker safety allegedly stems partly from Musk’s aversion to perceived bureaucracy and his relentless drive to achieve his Mars mission.”

This kind of launch is a direct reflection of the kind of dedication Musk is receiving from the employees of SpaceX. Their lack of reporting comes from various places, according to current and past employees. Some claim they worry about being terminated; some see them as simply hazards of being on the cusp of greatness. However, few, if any employees claim that this is in any way the fault of Musk.

Having rockets go rogue like this is not the way Musk wants to showcase the Starship. As a design to transport equipment, people, satellites, and other things, it is expected to be reused frequently, with long-term goals to allow the rocket to launch frequently to make missions back and forth to Mars and possibly other planets. Blowing up, losing communications, and crash landings are not acceptable ways for technology to be showcased.

At least it makes for good viewing: