Pro-Palestinian Protesters Choose Veteran’s Day To Rip Down US Flags in Support of Hamas

Kevin RC Wilson /
Kevin RC Wilson /

Mobs of people who are pro-Palestine and pro-Israel have been facing off across the globe over the last few weeks. Ever since Hamas brought the fight right to Israel, the two groups have had the globe divided over what to do, and who to support. With ample liberals coming out of the woodwork to condemn the sustained mission of Israel to take the fight to Palestinian forces, it’s been nothing short of a shitshow.

When many of these protestors chose to make Veteran’s Day their next opportunity to spread their hatred, people wondered just how bad it could get. In New York City, the protests were more volatile than in other areas of the country. Multiple reports came from the NYPD of people ripping down American flags that were hung for the occasion. While many were destroyed, set on fire, or trampled; in multiple cases, they were also replaced with a Palestinian flag.

Kicking off on the evening of the 10th, they began at Columbus Circle and made their way to Grand Central Terminal. While there, they cornered law enforcement officials who were forced to barricade themselves from the advancement. Forcing its closure, the mob moved on and took their frustrations back to the streets.

Storming the New York Times offices, they captured and set fire to an NYPD cruiser and other property in the vicinity. With many donning Hamas-styled headdresses, scarves, and bandannas, they are supporting a religiously charged hardline regime, and many have little understanding of what they are supporting.

With no clue about the stance of Islamic clerics in the region, multiple people were seen carrying banners and flags with messages like “Gays for Palestine” written on them. Not understanding that Palestine would be more than happy to have them killed off, and Hamas would decimate their corpse before parading them through the streets, these blind sheep continue to spread their message of hatred and division.

This isn’t the kind of battle that most of the world expected this year. Especially since much of the liberal left is now holding the same views on the people of Israel and their government as the KKK and Nazis. Historically, these groups have been separated by a continent of differences, never mind the fact that the people of Israel alight more with them than anyone else.

Ripping down these flags to fly the flag of Palestine here on US soil is despicable on any other day, but doing it on Veteran’s Day is nothing more than adding insult to injury. These brave men and women sign a blank check when they sign up to serve. Payable up to and including their lives, they are willing to give their lives in defense of the freedom we enjoy daily. To disrespect that sacrifice is horrific and something we should not tolerate.

As we see the return of the Black Lives Matter protest styles around the US, we need to remind ourselves that these horrible people are making their decisions based on the way the Constitution is written. Given the right to free speech as well as to assemble and protest, they haven’t inherently broken any laws. When they cross over into destroying property and stealing from businesses, that’s where our local laws take over. By allowing them to get away with this, law enforcement and society as a whole are sending them a message that this is acceptable behavior.

We need to let them and the rest of the globe know that we won’t stand for them disrespecting our nation’s treasure. We need to defend our flags, our people, and our Veterans. God knows they depended on their people to bring them home safe, and when they didn’t that very flag covered their body as they came home.