Janet Yellen Eats Four Helpings of ‘Shrooms in China & Then Acts Like a Weirdo

Alexandros Michailidis / shutterstock.com
Alexandros Michailidis / shutterstock.com

Is the Biden regime a bunch of druggies or what? We’ve got Hunter Biden leaving his stash laying around in the White House. There’s Nurse Jill administering barbiturates to Senile Joe all the time just to keep him lucid for a few minutes, so everyone won’t know that he’s actually a mental toddler from the dementia.

And now it turns out that Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, has a thing for ‘shrooms!

Yellen made a bunch of headlines during her recent trip to China, when she bizarrely bowed four times to her Communist Chinese counterpart. It really did look weird. She was like a fat little penguin bobbing up and down.

She was heavily criticized for bowing to him, because Americans don’t do that. We are Americans. We don’t believe in titles of nobility. We do not bend the knee, nor bow before anyone, because we are free Americans.

Most Americans inherently understand that even the poorest among us is equal to any foreign leader or dignitary. Bowing is a tremendous diplomatic faux pas, because we just don’t do it. We expect our leaders and our elected and appointed representatives in government to NOT do it.

Democrats love dictators and kings and the like. Their own lust for power makes them abandon all of the dignity that being an American affords them.

They know they’re not supposed to bow before foreign leaders. They do it because they love and respect the power that foreign leaders like the Chinese or the Saudis wield over their subjects.

Following some new information that’s come out, however, there is a new theory about why Janet Yellen was bobbing up and down like a crazy person. Maybe she was tripping billies!

Yellen and her entourage stopped by a restaurant called Yi Zuo Yi Wang to eat before meeting with her Chinese counterpart. Witnesses who saw her in the restaurant attest that Yellen ordered four servings of jian shou qing, a psychedelic mushroom that grows in Yunnan Province.

This particular strain of ‘shrooms can cause wild hallucinations. Yellen ate all four servings of it herself.

CNN actually did a segment on Yellen eating all those ‘shrooms when a Chinese food blogger pointed out what the mushrooms actually are, and the story started to go viral on social media.

CNN invited Dr. Peter Mortimer, a botanist and professor at Kunming Institute of Botany, to talk about the magic mushrooms. He told CNN that the hallucinatory effects of the mushrooms can vary from person to person.

“I have a friend who mistakenly ate them and hallucinated for three days,” said Dr. Mortimer.

The Biden regime’s monetary policy suddenly makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it? The economy is not just in disastrous shape because they’re bad at math. The economy is in terrible shape because everyone in the building is on drugs.

Maybe Janet Yellen wasn’t simply bowing to the Communist Chinese in subservience. Maybe she was as high as a kite.

Watch her bizarre performance and see for yourself. Does this look like a person who just ate four batches of ‘shrooms?