Donald Trump’s Top Polling Issue with Voters is “Revenge”

Christopher Sciacca /
Christopher Sciacca /

American voters have a lot of good reasons to send Donald Trump back to the White House in 2024. The way that Joe Biden has wrecked the economy, destroyed lower- and middle-income American families, thrown the southern border wide open, and attempted to bumble us into World War III are all good reasons. But according to a poll commissioned by the UK’s Daily Mail, a majority of voters are citing a very different reason to support Trump: “Revenge.”

The Daily Mail asked 1,000 likely voters to sum up the most likely theme of a second Trump term versus a second Biden term. Voters chose “Revenge” as the main theme for a second Trump term.

That makes sense. Every American is financially poorer because of the Biden regime’s deliberate mismanagement of the economy. Every family needs to make between $11,000 and $14,000 more per year just to maintain the standard of living that we enjoyed when Trump was in office. Who wouldn’t want revenge for that?

There’s also the fact that the Biden regime has weaponized the entire federal law enforcement bureaucracy and the Justice Department against President Trump and everyday Americans. FBI Director Christopher Wray recently said in an internal memo that MAGA supporters are the “greatest threat to the homeland.”

The FBI has spies infiltrating Catholic and Protestant churches, as well as school board meetings, to target innocent Americans. FBI SWAT teams shot and killed three unarmed Trump supporters in their homes over the summer, in a story that hasn’t gotten nearly enough media coverage.

Americans also see the 91 felony indictments that President Trump has been charged with as purely vicious election interference. The FBI raided his home and rifled through his wife’s underwear. Why wouldn’t Donald Trump want revenge against the people doing this to him? Why wouldn’t his voters, for that matter?

As for the single word that voters were asked to describe the theme of a second Biden term in office, the top choice also makes sense: ‘Nothing.’