Sen Fetterman (D-PA) Trolls Protesters for Palestine From the Rooftop

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Ever since Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) was elected in 2022 courtesy of sympathy votes for a stroke he suffered on the campaign trail, he has been a nightmare in the Senate. Trying to vote from the halls as he refuses to wear suits in favor of his chosen shorts and hoodie, he forced the Senate to change their dress code. At least temporarily.

However, on January 26th, he showed pro-Palestine protesters that he has a bit of conservative in him.

Showing up to his home in Braddock, PA, uninvited, they taunted him with chants of, “Fetterman, Fetterman, you can’t hide, you’re supporting genocide!” Instead of responding by calling the police or only sending out responses via X/Twitter, he climbed to the roof with an Israeli flag in hand. Waving the flag to their chants, he gave them the confrontation they wanted, but as usual, these liberals did nothing.

This is just another in the list of central and, at times, even conservative policies from Fetterman as of late. Originally coming out to support Israel, he called out South Africa for their attempts to bring a case against the Jewish state of committing “genocide.” Much like other conservatives, he called out the hypocrisy in this decision.

Mind you, none of this makes him a conservative or even one in training. Rather, it just illustrates just how blind the liberals have become in their crusade for “right.” As we have repeatedly seen, the Hamas/Palestine push is one we, as Americans, cannot stand by idly and allow to be supported. Seeing Fetterman speak out against it might be shocking, but if he can see the problem after a stroke, no reason everyone else can’t.