Illegal Alien Hookers Set up a Massive New Red Light District in New York City

Kiril Stanchev /
Kiril Stanchev /

Joe Biden’s massive horde of illegal aliens is bringing every problem from their countries of origin and making it our problem. The massive influx of illegal alien hookers that has arrived from Venezuela, for instance, has now set up a new red light district in New York City.

In the Corona neighborhood of Queens, a massive new open-air sex market is operating in broad daylight, along Roosevelt Avenue. Even as children at nearby schools are outside on their lunch break, or leaving at the end of the day, the illegal alien hookers are aggressively selling it on the sidewalks.

The largest concentration of sex workers in New York City used to be in the Bronx. But after Biden’s influx of more than 120,000 illegal aliens since last year, other parts of the city are being turned into a total dump as well. One red light district has popped up in Brooklyn, and this much larger one in Queens.

When I talk about the spiraling impact of how this is going to affect our city, this is what I’m talking about,” says New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Adams is furious that many liberal activists from his own party are now working against the city’s interests by trying to legalize open-air prostitution, much like California did last year (to disastrous results, we might add).

This is where idealism collides with realism,” says Adams. “I’ve had elected officials tell me that the women are just trying work – ‘Why are you trying to harm them? – [but] there are real issues around illegal sex work, from STDs to sex trafficking girls to violence.”

The problem also highlights an obvious one that the mainstream media is completely missing. With so many illegal alien women immediately turning to sex work once they get here, it means that there simply are no other jobs for them.