Illegal Alien Couples Immediately Start Collecting a $53K Welfare Salary Just for Crossing the Border

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The Biden regime has now added an even sweeter incentive for foreign hordes to flood America. An illegal alien couple with two kids can now collect a larger welfare salary from the Biden regime than a retired couple who paid into Social Security for their entire careers. This news comes right as Joe Biden is requesting another $3 billion in taxpayer money from Congress to pay for new housing for illegal aliens. The problems from these illegal aliens keep compounding every single day that Joe Biden leaves our southern border open.

If an illegal alien single parent with one child comes across the border right now, they begin collecting $2,200 per month from the taxpayers for living expenses. The illegal aliens know this, and despite having few skills other than whackin’ coconuts out of a tree with a machete, they can do the math. When a family of four shows up at the border, they split up, and each parent takes one kid.

They’re processed within two days and then released into the country with a combined $4,400 salary – which amounts to $52,800 per year.

It gets worse, though. Solo teenager illegal aliens get the $2,200 per month welfare checks as well. Theoretically, a family of six (mother, father, two teens, two pre-teens) could be collecting $8,800 per month or an annual salary of $105,600.

By way of comparison, a retired person who worked and paid taxes into the system for their entire life can collect $1,400 per month. That’s how much Joe Biden hates the American people and wants to see our country destroyed.

On top of all this, Joe Biden has ended DNA testing at the border. There’s no way to tell if an illegal alien who shows up with a kid is even the parent of that child. How many of these children are being trafficked just so the adults can collect a $2,200 welfare check every month? That’s not even counting what the American taxpayers are also paying for the illegals’ healthcare costs, food stamps, Obamaphones, and other perks and benefits that they’re getting.

If you don’t believe that Joe Biden is actually trying to destroy the country from within, consider the fact that he’s not listening to other liberals on this issue.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave a speech the other day and declared that illegal immigration was going to “destroy this city.” More than 100,000 illegals have shown up in New York City this year. City services intended for Americans are strained beyond the breaking point. Neighborhoods are being destroyed. Adams has just put out an order for every city department to cut their spending by 5%. The additional 5% is just going to pay for housing and feeding the illegals.

‘The View,’ a morning talk show hosted by childless liberal hags from New York, is demanding that Joe Biden house the illegals somewhere else. When you’ve lost the hostesses of ‘The View,’ your policies are obviously off track.

What’s Joe Biden doing in response to his own base demanding that illegal immigration be cut off completely? He’s trying to build a wall around Texas. He wants every illegal that’s released into Texas to stay in Texas. Why?

Because permanent hegemonic control by the Democrat Party is the goal here. If they have to destroy America entirely to achieve that goal, then so be it. Making an omelet and so forth. If you thought it was bad that Biden was just letting everyone in, no questions asked, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Now they’re collecting $53K salaries in welfare. Next comes amnesty.