Hunter Biden’s Illegal Gun Pouch Tested Positive for Cocaine

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Most of us who have been watching the saga of Hunter Biden unfold over the years realize that this clown is never going to see the inside of a jail cell. Hunter is protected because of who his father is. Even if some prosecutor manages to win a conviction against Hunter on one of the charges he’s facing (which is doubtful), Joe Biden will simply pardon him. Not that some prosecutors aren’t trying.

Last week, they issued a scathing rebuttal against Hunter Biden’s motion to dismiss a gun charge against him after their laboratory found cocaine residue in the pouch that contained his illegal gun.

Back in 2018, Hunter Biden was out of control, completely wasted on drugs, and having an affair with his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden. During that period, Hallie took Hunter’s Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver and tossed it in a dumpster near a school in Delaware. A hobo went dumpster diving for cans, discovered the gun, and turned it over to police.

When Hunter Biden purchased the gun, he signed the federal form stating that he was not addicted to any illicit drugs. That’s a felony, obviously. Normal people whose last name is not “Biden” frequently get sentenced to 18 to 24 months in prison for committing that act. Hunter Biden wrote about all of this in his autobiography and even admitted that he had purchased the gun while high and while addicted to all sorts of stuff.

Even after that written confession was discovered, federal prosecutors still had no intention of pursuing a gun charge against Hunter Biden. It was only after years of pressure from conservative Members of Congress that Hunter was finally charged. Hunter’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss the gun charges last month, claiming that federal prosecutors had only brought the charge because they had caved to political pressure (which was technically true).

That doesn’t change the fact that all of the available evidence points to Hunter Biden lying on a federal gun form. To hammer home the point, FBI agents pulled Hunter’s gun and the pouch that it was in from a state trooper evidence locker. They were simply going to photograph the weapon initially when they noticed a white powder residue inside the pouch. They tested the substance, and sure enough, there was cocaine inside the pouch that Hunter was keeping the gun in.

In its motion opposing the dismissal of the gun charges, prosecutors hilariously wrote, “To be clear, investigators literally found drugs on the pouch where the defendant had kept his gun.”

“The defendant’s choice to sell a book containing these admissions not only made the government’s case against him stronger but also increased a potential prosecution’s general deterrence value,” the filing continued.

Hunter Biden was on the verge of a blanket immunity deal this past summer. He was going to do a diversion program on the gun charge and some other minor BS, and in the sweetheart deal that prosecutors cut with him, Hunter would receive blanket immunity for any and all other crimes that he committed over the years. It’s the type of deal that only someone whose father is in the White House could be offered.

That plea deal fell apart at the last minute, and now prosecutors appear to be doing their jobs. We’re not sure if that’s solely due to politics or if there is some other motive. They may be pretending to prosecute Hunter so that they can claim the Justice Department is being neutral and fair in its persecution of Donald Trump. The main difference is that there’s no evidence against Donald Trump, while Hunter Biden literally had cocaine in his gun pouch and confessed the crime in his memoir.