Here’s How Much Liz Cheney Made While in Office

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If you haven’t figured it out by now, those that work in Washington, DC, always seem to make way more money than they do good laws and policies. Unfortunately, for outgoing RINO (Republican in name only) Liz Cheney, the story isn’t any different.

But it seems Cheney’s increase in wealth is a lot more questionable than most, or at least, more than it should be.
Like more than a few of our members of Congress, Cheney had money, to begin with, in part due to her family’s long ties with the White House and Washington. Remember, her father was vice president to George W. Bush at one time. And, of course, her own political career only added to that.

According to Breitbart, it was estimated that her net worth in 2017, when she first became a sitting member of Congress, was already a whopping $7 million. However, it seems that this is only a fraction of what that worth is.

As the outlet reported recently, the has been lawmaker now has a net worth somewhere between $10.4 million and $44 million, according to a 2020 personal financial disclosure.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking about that range. To be sure, it is rather wide. Surely a more exact amount is known, right?
Well, as Breitbart points out, the documents are apparently only reported as a range, clearly making it difficult to ascertain her total net worth. However, even if it falls nearer to the bottom of that range, Cheney has experienced a rather significant increase in wealth, wouldn’t you say?

Of course, based on other documentation, it’s far more likely that her wealth sits closer to the top.

As Open Secrets reported, her net worth pretty much doubled during just her first year in Congress, up to $14 million from 2017 to 2018. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t list the figures for the years 2019 to the present.

However, if the growth trend during her first year continued, and we have no real reason to doubt that it didn’t, she’s got to have a net worth of a rather ungodly amount.

Now, as I mentioned before, her position and, therefore, salary do play a large part in this. As a sitting congressional member, her annual salary is $174,000. But as anyone beyond a first grader’s math level can see, that salary is pocket change in comparison to her net gain over the past few years.

So, how is she getting so much more?

Well, like any congressional member, I’m sure she has her hands in a number of different ventures. Perhaps she owns some rentals. Maybe she has a great stock portfolio.

But as Breitbart points out, most of her personal net worth doesn’t actually come from her own personal endeavors. Instead, they come from her husband, Philip Perry.

Perry works for Latham & Wilkins, a prestigious Washington, DC law firm whose clientele list includes companies that the State Department likes to describe as “Chinese government-controlled entities.” According to the outlet, one such company is apparently even deeply intertwined with the Chinese tech industry.

Gee, I wonder how ethical that relationship is. At best, it surely doesn’t look good.

I mean, here is a member of Congress, someone who has direct access, sway, and insider knowledge of foreign policies, and yet her husband is advising some of the biggest and most influential Chinese companies in the world.

No wonder her husband is doing so well at work. I mean, how could he not with all the info he could get from Cheney?
Now, you might be asking how this wasn’t known or made known earlier.

Well, there was the whole January 6 committee that Cheney made sure she was part of. That was a rather large distraction. There was also her constant bombardment of former President Donald Trump. One could hardly be expected to look at her husband’s client list and financials when such front-page news involving Cheney and the House Select Committee was on hand.

Talk about the need for new financial regulations on Congress and their spouses…