Elderly Veteran Kicked out of Senior Home to Make Room for Illegal Aliens

a katz / shutterstock.com
a katz / shutterstock.com

A 95-year-old Korean War veteran is speaking out after New York City kicked him and 50 additional senior citizens out of their assisted living home to make room for illegal aliens. Frank Tammaro says it was a terrifying experience since he initially didn’t know where he was going to live.

“I felt horrible,” said Tammaro. “It’s no joke getting kicked out of a house.”

Tammaro says he has never taken a dime in public services or welfare money in New York, so it’s infuriating that residents are now being kicked out of their homes to make way for Joe Biden’s criminal invaders.

“It isn’t fair,” added Tammaro.

The non-governmental organization (NGO) Homes for the Homeless operates the Island Shores Senior Residence in Staten Island. The NGO cut a deal behind closed doors with New York City Mayor Eric Adams to kick the senior home’s 50 paying residents out, to make room for more illegals.

This is straight out of Chapter 2 of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, by the way. Marx called for the property of all “rebels” to be confiscated by the government, so it could be redistributed to people who were loyal to the regime. As a Korean War vet, it’s easy to see why the Adams administration in New York would classify Frank Tammaro as a “rebel.” At least seven other elderly military veterans were also kicked out of their homes at Island Shores.

Tammaro was finally forced to move in with his elderly daughter who lives in Midland Beach. Barbara Annunziata is furious with city officials for the way they’ve treated her father.

“They’re worried about the migrants more than they’re worried about the U.S. citizens,” says Annunziata. Yeah. We’re all kind of getting that impression.