Dem Governor Announces Taxpayer Dollars Going to Illegals

Artem Avetisyan /
Artem Avetisyan /

It only takes a minute to look around and acknowledge that illegal immigration, as it’s allowed now, is ruining the United States. And yet, the Democratic response remains the same: Use taxpayer dollars to care for illegals.

Take Democratic Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, for example.

Last week, he announced that a number of programs in the state have recently been restructured to “help with migrant crisis.” Explaining more, he gave an example: the rental assistance program.

“We have provided some of that rental assistance money, which wasn’t originally intended to be about asylum seekers, for this challenge.”

In other words, he is taking money meant for low-income, disabled, or otherwise down-on-their-luck US citizens to help with rent and giving it to illegals in the form of free hotel rooms, healthcare, etc.

As you would imagine, a good number of people will likely have a problem with this move. Then again, it’s no different from what other sanctuary state and city leaders do elsewhere.

Massachusetts, for example, had decided to cancel the hotel reservations of military vets and their families for the upcoming Army v. Navy football game and give those rooms to illegal migrants. Similarly, NYC’s mayor has announced that more taxpayer dollars will begin giving out healthcare to illegals in the Big Apple for free.

Of course, they say they wouldn’t need to do any of this if border states like Texas would “stop sending people only to blue cities and blue states.”

I’m sorry. But isn’t that exactly what they asked for when they declared themselves “sanctuaries?”

They wanted to provide a place, a safe place for illegals to come to be welcome. And now that they are there in droves, there’s a problem suddenly.

As usual, reality and seeing a problem in person aren’t what the Democrats imagined. I doubt they saw themselves losing their jobs over moves like this either, but I’d say that is what will happen.