Breaking Gag Order Costs Trump $10K

Paul Hakimata Photography /
Paul Hakimata Photography /

In early October, former President Trump got a bit of a reprieve in a case under Judge Arthur Engor imposing his will to dissolve Trump’s companies, including the Trump Organization in response to a civil fraud case against the 45th POTUS. While the trial itself wasn’t given a stay, the dissolution of his companies was.

Then on October 18th, Trump was fined $5,000 for talking about the law clerk serving under the judge. Nothing inflammatory, nothing rude. While the comments surrounding Ms. Greenfield were taken down from social media, they remained on his personal website. A week later on the 25th, Engoron called Trump to the stand. This happened as the second day of testimony by former Trump fixer Michael Cohen was scheduled to be given.

Before Trump testified his lawyer tried to clear things up. As explained by RedState, “A lawyer for Mr. Trump, Christopher M. Kise, protested that the former president had been referring to Mr. Cohen, his former fixer, who was testifying for a second day. Mr. Trump did clearly refer to Mr. Cohen immediately after the initial comment, calling him a “discredited witness.” The judge responded that the target of the comments had seemed clear and, after a lunch break, called the hearing.”

Now talking between himself and the judge, RS detailed it perfectly.

Trump “insisted that his spontaneous comments in a courthouse hallway had been about his former lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, a witness. They were not, he said, about the judge’s law clerk, Allison Greenfield, whom he had previously attacked on social media. But Mr. Trump testified that he thought Ms. Greenfield was “maybe unfair, and I think she’s very biased against us.” He left the stand after about three minutes and Justice Engoron made his pronouncement almost immediately afterward. “I find that the witness is not credible,” he said, and levied the fine as Mr. Trump stared blankly ahead.”

By comparison, this is like asking the average American for a penny. He’ll walk past $10k instead of picking it up, simply because it costs him money to stop for it. Quite literally the man cannot be bought, and that’s why we are now here. They want to bankrupt him so bad they think they’ll make him corrupt.