Biden’s Deadly Open Border Creates More Illegal Alien Murderers Than Ever Before

Ringo Chiu /
Ringo Chiu /

A former Field Office Director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement estimates that Joe Biden’s open border policies have created another 300,000 Angel Families in America. The Angel Families are people who have lost loved ones to being murdered by an illegal alien or killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien.

Former Director John Fabbricatore testified before Congress in a sobering hearing on the subject. It’s a good reminder that the American people are the ones who suffer the most from open border policies.

Fabbricatore testified before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement. He says that interior enforcement of illegal immigration has been gutted by Joe Biden’s policies.

Many ICE field offices around the country are having their very purpose called into question, because they never have anything to do. They’re not allowed to search for illegal aliens, so the invaders are running wild and victimizing innocent Americans.

If Joe Biden had simply done as much interior enforcement as Barack Obama, who was also a total slouch on this issue, Fabbricatore testified that “There would have been another 90,000 [illegal] aliens arrested who would’ve accounted for approximately another 300,000 convictions and charges.”

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) asked, “Are you saying there are 300,000 American families who have suffered acts of crime as a result of this administration’s policies?”

“Yes, sir,” replied Fabbricatore.

He also submitted hard data to the subcommittee to prove his point. Interior enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws have plummeted since President Trump was in office. The numbers are shocking. “Interior enforcement” means that ICE is picking up illegal aliens when they commit serious crimes like murder, rape and kidnapping.

Under Joe Biden, ICE is now arresting 26% fewer illegal alien murderers than under President Trump. Rape arrests have been down 33% since Joe Biden took office. Weapons offenses are down 53%, assault arrests are down 58%, robbery arrests are down 50%, and kidnapping arrests are down 47%.

By forbidding ICE from doing its job, Joe Biden is allowing 90,000 illegal alien criminals walk free every year, despite the fact that they are victimizing innocent Americans. This is an astonishing risk to public safety and national security.

Not that Joe Biden or the Democrats care. The victimization of Americans is their whole point. They want us to feel like conquered, defeated people in our own home, so that we won’t stand up to them.

Joe Biden’s FY 2024 Budget Justification states that there are currently 400,000 convicted criminal aliens on the non-detained docket. This means that those 400,000 convicted criminals are walking around free, at no risk of deportation.

This is a direct violation of Joe Biden’s oath of office to uphold the law. The Immigration and Nationalization Act says that any alien—legal or illegal—is to be deported if convicted of various crimes of moral turpitude.

Our legal immigration system has been incredibly loose for far too many years. Nowadays we can’t even insist that immigrants should not be criminals!

Joe Biden’s attitude is that it’s perfectly fine for Americans to be raped, murdered or kidnapped, so long as the criminal doing it is an illegal alien. And if you complain about it, he’ll call you a racist and probably send the Justice Department to your house to pay you a visit.

When President Trump was in office, ICE was issuing 15,000 detainers per month, taking illegal alien criminals off the streets and deporting them. Since Joe Biden has been in office, the number has been an average of around 2,200 per month.

Joe Biden deserves to be impeached for this, along with a number of other crimes he’s committed against America.