Biden’s Alarming Gesture to Hamas during Ramadan Sparks Backlash

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In a move that’s sure to leave Americans shaking their heads, President Joe Biden made a striking gesture to appease the radical left wing of the Democratic Party. By abstaining from a Security Council resolution urging a ceasefire in Israel’s conflict with Hamas during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Biden effectively handed a gift to the terrorist organization.

This decision, however, is more than just a political move to secure support in Michigan; it’s a betrayal of a crucial American ally and a slap in the face to the American people. It’s a display of cowardice and bullying on an international scale.

The resolution, which passed unanimously without a United States veto, not only called for a ceasefire but also demanded the release of hostages held by Hamas. While it made mention of humanitarian aid for Palestinians, the real focus was on restraining Israel from defending itself against the very aggression initiated by Hamas.

This move by Biden drew swift criticism from Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who rightly pointed out the disgrace of abstaining when the choice was clear: stand with Israel or appease terrorists. It’s a choice that should have been simple, yet the Biden administration failed to make the right call.

Even staunch conservative voices like the New York Post’s editorial board couldn’t hold back their condemnation. They labeled the abstention a “sellout of Israel” and a betrayal of America’s principles.

This isn’t the first time Democrats have left Israel hanging out to dry. Similar betrayals occurred under the Obama administration, and Biden is following in those footsteps. However, what sets Biden’s action apart is the desperation behind it.

Unlike Obama, who was nearing the end of his presidency, Biden is actively seeking reelection. His willingness to sacrifice Israel’s security for political gain speaks volumes about his priorities.

But let’s not forget the bigger picture here. By abandoning Israel, Biden isn’t just jeopardizing diplomatic relations; he’s putting lives at risk. Israel isn’t just fighting for its survival; it’s fighting against terrorism that threatens the entire civilized world.

The resolution’s call for a “lasting sustainable ceasefire” is nothing short of a green light for Hamas to continue its attacks on innocent civilians. And by not vetoing it, the United States is complicit in this dangerous game.

Israel has made it clear that it won’t bow down to pressure from terrorists or their sympathizers. However, it needs the unwavering support of its allies, especially the United States, to continue its fight for peace and security in the region.

Political action is the only hope for change. Come November, Americans must remember this betrayal and hold those responsible to account. It’s not just a matter of politics; it’s a matter of morality and global security. And the stakes couldn’t be higher.