Biden DOJ Hunts Down 8 More People Who Prayed near an Abortion Clinic

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Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, led by his little troll Merrick Garland, indicted 8 more Christians for praying near an abortion clinic. The indictments came down on Wednesday, but ironically, they date back to an incident at a Planned Parenthood baby-killing facility that happened back in 2020. Merrick Garland is using a bizarre, lopsided bill that was passed by a Democrat Congress and signed into law in 1994 to persecute Christian abortion clinic peaceful protesters, even as pro-abortion lunatics are firebombing Christian and Catholic churches across the country.

Isn’t it interesting that the Justice Department didn’t think it was worth arresting these eight peaceful protesters back in 2020 when they are alleged to have committed a crime? But after the 2020 election was stolen and an illegitimate regime was installed (behind razor wire and 10,000 armed troops), they can go back three years ago and indict people for “crimes” that happened before they were even in their stolen offices.

The Clinton law that the Biden regime is abusing is called the FACE Act of 1994. FACE stands for Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances. The law has three parts to it.

The FACE Act makes it illegal to block people from going into an abortion clinic if they want to have a fake “doctor” chop their baby up with scissors, suck it out with a vacuum cleaner, and donate the parts to Pfizer so they can make COVID vaccines. It also makes it illegal to block people from going to church. And it makes it illegal to vandalize and damage a church or an abortion clinic.

It’s probably worth pausing for a moment to think about the fact that the Democrat Party, even back in 1994, drew a total moral equivalency between going to church to worship God, and snuffing out a life in the womb. You’ve probably heard it said many times that abortion is an unholy sacrament for the Democrats. It truly is.

The FACE Act proves this. Going to church is a sacred, First Amendment-protected right, and Democrats give a woman having her baby dissected and chopped up and donated to Pfizer the exact same consideration. As if there’s no distinction.

But we know there is a distinction, because of the way the Biden regime is abusing this weird law. Last year, Merrick Garland sent a team of men with machine guns to arrest pro-life Catholic activist Mark Houck in front of his wife and eight children. Fortunately, a jury in Pennsylvania acquitted Houck, who had been charged with violating the FACE Act after defensively shoving a pro-abortion weirdo who was screaming at his underage son.

FACE Act violations can garner a sentence of up to 11 years in federal prison and a fine running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. But here’s the thing.

While Merrick Garland is running around people who prayed outside of abortion clinics when Donald Trump was in office (the first part of the FACE Act), he hasn’t bothered to dispatch a single FBI agent to look into the church fire bombings that have been happening for the past year all across the country (the second part of the FACE Act).

Fortunately, this selective and partisan butchery of the law has caught the attention of Republicans in Congress. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) is working on legislation to repeal the FACE Act. He’s also calling for more oversight of how the DOJ is handling cases that are supposedly FACE Act violations until the law can be overturned.

In the meantime, it’s important to remember two things. If you want to go to an abortion clinic and have your baby chopped up and donated to Pfizer, that’s fine. But if you pray to try to stop someone from chopping up your baby, Joe Biden and Merrick Garland will try to send you to prison for 11 years.