Another IRS Whistleblower Steps Forward in Response to President Biden Torpedoing Their Career for Hunter


New reports from the New York Post have claimed a second IRS whistleblower came forward on May 22nd. He was ready to share concerns about how the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud and financial crimes was suddenly stopped.

As he explained, he had been on the case since it started in 2018 and is convinced he was making the appropriate decision to raise concerns about the way the Department Of Justice (DOJ) had been handling the case. These documents were sent to Congress and obtained by the New York Post. Back in April his supervisor who had been on the case since 2020 told Congress that there were “clear conflicts of interest,” per the Wall Street Journal.

Suddenly, his supervisor was notified that he and all of his agents would be removed from the case as of May 15th per a letter from the lawyers.

In an email on May 18th to senior IRS officials the whistleblower wrote “I … have spent thousands of hours on the case, worked to complete 95% of the investigation, have sacrificed sleep/vacations/gray hairs etc., my husband and I (identifying me as the case agent) were publicly outed and ridiculed on social media due to our sexual orientation, and to ultimately be removed for always trying to do the right thing, is unacceptable in my opinion.”

He also expressed how he and his supervisor “asked for countless” meetings with higher-ups yet were “often to be left out on an island and not heard from.” His supervisor will be testifying on May 26th before the House Ways and Means Committee in what could be a devastating and embarrassing testimony for the Biden administration.

In response to the initial whistleblower, IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel had already told the House Ways and Means Committee “I can say without any hesitation there will be no retaliation for anyone making an allegation or a call to a whistleblower hotline.”

With the DOJ now taking over the probe into Hunter’s failure to pay taxes and making false statements on federal firearm applications, you would think it should be an open-and-shut case since he confessed it in black and white in a book he authored. Yet, now they have nabbed it from the IRS and are claiming they will prosecute it themselves.

The problem with this is the fact that President Biden has direct control over the DOJ. While it’s not a muscle often flexed by a sitting President, they have that option. Granted the IRS is still under Presidential control, but there are enough failsafe measures and publicly available faces to make that harder to happen. Meanwhile, the DOJ has been notorious for its use as a tool by sitting Presidents for less than acceptable means.

Getting his family out of trouble while lying about the situation is a Biden family trait at this point. From lying about what killed his son Beau to his complete denial about Hunter and his signs of dementia, the man is a walking problem for the American people. At this point, there should be impeachment proceedings held and a vote to remove him from office. The man is making decisions that benefit his family and his party in the best interests of the American people.

Actions like these are characteristic of everything we have seen from Joe Biden since he first came into office. When he flip-flops positions, he acts as if he was always thinking the way he does now and will never admit to changing positions, but instead begins to lash out more than usual when caught. This man isn’t fit to lead a shift at Wendy’s, much less make decisions about the DOJ and take away cases from the IRS or other agencies.