Science: Repeated COVID Vaccinations Crush the Immune System & Make You Sickly

We’re just now starting to learn the extent to which government regulators ignored safety signals when it came to the COVID vaccines. For millions of Americans who were forced against their will to take the shots, the latest research is painting a bleak picture. Scientists in Europe have now confirmed that taking too many COVID shots and boosters crushes the immune system and makes people more likely to get sick in the long run.

That’s assuming that people even live through the proven heart injuries and seizures that the vaccines are known to induce in low-risk populations.

Multiple different teams of scientific researchers in Germany have just published papers proving that the repeat vaccination against COVID triggers a “class switch.” That means that the immune system of a heavily vaccinated person no longer neutralizes a COVID-19 infection. Instead, it simply moderates it.

This is likely why failed comedian Stephen Colbert had to take a month off from his failing CBS show in October. He’s so heavily vaccinated that his immune system can no longer fight off COVID. (Unvaccinated people do not have these problems, by the way.)

Researchers in India have noticed that outbreaks of dengue fever are now much worse in areas where everyone is vaxed and boosted against COVID. Scientists there have published research proving that the spike proteins created by the mRNA shots cause “cross-reactivity” with the antibodies for dengue.

This calls into question the wisdom of even using COVID vaccines in tropical countries where dengue fever is a real problem. Why make it worse, especially since COVID isn’t that dangerous anyway?

This crushing of the immune system is by far the worst long-term safety signal to emerge regarding COVID shots. Naturally, the mainstream media is doing its level best not to warn anyone about this danger.