China Says America is Risking it All Over Trump Indictment

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Let’s face it; China would like nothing more than to see the United States fall and fail. And according to them, that’s exactly what is at risk by choosing to indict former President Donald Trump.

As the Global Times, a Chinese state-run media outlet, claimed on Monday, the indictment of Trump is proof that democracy in all its forms doesn’t work and is indeed failing. Furthermore, the article says that it is evidence that America’s democracy is officially on its deathbed, leading to a “third world” status for the U.S.

As Chinese Academy of Social Sciences research fellow Lu Xiang said, “One problem that the earliest American lawmakers did not take into account was the possibility of elected leaders being bad people. The second problem is that they didn’t consider the possibility of the Congress failing to make an effective impeachment due to political struggles, as is happening now.”

To this effect, Xiang and his countrymen supposedly believe that America and her democracy will fall into a vicious cycle of using “judicial means” to “resolve partisan issues.” And he correctly notes that in our nation’s history, a former president has never faced federal charges until now.

According to Xiang, “The entire U.S. judicial system is now caught in a political vortex.”

Whether you believe any of that to be true or not, it’s important to note who this kind of talk comes from.

China, after all, is one of the world’s largest offenders when it comes to using legal means as a political solution. Everyone from high-ranking Chinese officials to ordinary citizens believed to be working against the CCP has been arrested, prosecuted, and effectively purged from society under the nation’s current leader and dictator, Xi Jinping.

And yet, their nation is no third-world country.

Of course, neither is this proof that democracy doesn’t work. Instead, it’s merely evidence that the powers that be (Biden’s administration) no longer perpetrate it above their own desires.