Wyoming Set to Eliminate Most Gun-Free Zones

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A bill that would eliminate most gun-free zones in the State of Wyoming is now in the hands of Republican Gov. Mark Gordon. The governor has approximately two weeks to either sign the legislation into law, veto it, or do nothing which would result in its automatic passage.

Most places in Wyoming that are currently labeled as gun-free zones would have the restrictions against carrying concealed firearms lifted if Gov. Gordon signs the bill into law.

The legislature passed HB 125 and sent it to Governor Gordon on March 8th. He now has 15 days from that date to sign or veto it.

Public schools, colleges, government buildings, and other locations that are gun-free zones right now will become gun-friendly zones if that happens. As we’ve now seen in dozens of mass shootings, psychopaths are more likely to launch an attack at a place designated as a gun-free zone. This allows them to inflict maximum casualties without the chance of any of the intended victims shooting back. Research conducted by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that 82% of mass shootings between 1998 and 2023 happened in gun-free zones.

The gun-free zone designations will be stripped away from elementary and secondary schools, the state capitol, the legislature, and other buildings. Only a few areas will remain off-limits for people to carry firearms once the law goes into effect. It also makes it a crime to prevent any lawful gun owner from carrying a concealed weapon in any of the former gun-free zones.

The only places that will remain target-rich environments for mass shooters will be hospitals and mental health clinics. Jails and prisons are also off-limits, but the chances of a shooter smuggling a gun into one of those places are negligible.

Private business owners are allowed to set their own policies as to whether they want to be gun-free on their properties. Elementary and secondary students won’t be allowed to carry guns on school property, even if they’re 18.

While schools will no longer be gun-free zones, administrators have some leeway in terms of setting policies for employees. That includes requiring firearms training and certification. Another change under the law is that the state strips power away from counties and local municipalities from regulating guns. This will prevent local liberal tyrants from defying the state law.

Rep. Jeremy Haroldson (R) was the primary sponsor of HB 125. He says he’s cautiously optimistic that Gov. Gordon will sign it into law. Haroldson notes that the teacher unions and the state’s colleges and universities were vehemently opposed to the legislation. Here’s how the Wyoming Educators Association hyperventilated about the bill on Facebook:

“Arming teachers places a life-and-death liability on educators, who typically lack the proper training to use a firearm in defense of students at school effectively.”

They’d much rather have teachers and students remain sitting ducks than allow teachers to shoot back at crazy people who attack schools. As for the liability argument, that’s just dumb.

Even if a teacher were to illegally carry a concealed weapon into a school, if he or she ended up popping a mass shooter and saving dozens of lives, does anyone believe a Wyoming prosecutor would press charges against them? Not if they wanted to enjoy a long and satisfying career.

The bill passed in the Wyoming House by a vote of 54 to 7, and in the Senate by a vote of 22 to 8. Polling in Wyoming indicates that a majority of the public supports the bill. Gov. Gordon has until March 23rd to sign the bill into law.