Iran Spells It Out for Biden; Interfere With Their Plans for Israel at America’s Own Risk

Kanisorn Pringthongfoo /
Kanisorn Pringthongfoo /

Mohammad Jamshidi, Iran’s deputy chief of staff for political affairs, issued a tweet on behalf of Iran that even President Biden shouldn’t be able to misinterpret. “In a written message, the Islamic Republic of Iran warned America not to fall into Netanyahu’s trap: step aside so you don’t get hit. In response, America asked Iran not to hit American targets.”

In response, a State Department spokesman told the Daily Caller that they “warned” and didn’t “ask” Iran not to use this as a pretext for an attack. No word about how well this was received, and only time will tell how well Iran will listen to the warning. This same spokesman said that Iran had sent the US a message through direct channels but failed to specify what the message was.

With Israel going after the Iranian embassy in Syria recently, Biden scrambled to tell Iran that not only was the US not involved, but that they only learned about it just before impact. In response, Iran is alleged to be preparing a retaliatory strike. With Iran being a significant sponsor of Hamas and Hezbollah, they are frequently finding ways to not only get in American crosshairs but also cause instability across the globe.

Biden has frequently found himself at odds with both Iran and much of his voter base as a result of how he has responded to the situation in Israel. While he is trying to ensure the Israeli people are not being obliterated from their own lands (and rightfully so), clips keep appearing that make it seem like the Israelis are going after civilians. This makes it harder to win the war of hearts and minds, and simpletons who love the liberals are quick to turn their backs in the face of such news too.

Now stuck between a rock and a hard place, we have little else we can do but sit and watch as Biden bankrupts the nation and makes us ripe for takeover. God help us all come November, if Iran hasn’t attacked us by then.