Windy City Shutterbug Captures Best UFO Images to Date

Rudy Balasko /
Rudy Balasko /

As people race around getting ready for their next busy day, many fail to look at the night sky and take in its wonder. Especially if they are in a big city like Chicago. Without the stars easily visible, it’s easy to forget (even for a moment) that we have infinite galaxies out there, and that we are but a small speck amongst the cosmos.

For Dietrich Ziegler, noticing the things many overlook and bringing them to their attention are part of his specialty as a photographer. Speaking with the Daily Mail, he recounted a UFO sighting. “It was around evening just as the sun dipped below the horizon. I noticed some colorful shimmering and took out my 70-200 MM lens and shot this.” As he observed the object, he said it was unlike anything he’d seen before or since.

Unsurprisingly, it behaved like other UFOs. “It seemed to be changing colors, but the shape remained the same, which looks like a mask. After quickly heading indoors to examine the photos, I was unable to locate it in the sky again. I was quite startled upon reviewing the photos on a larger screen.”

Described as largely being made of various shades of purple, gold, and green, the UFO seemed to have a shape very similar to the face of Rafiki from The Lion King. Others say that it looks more like an alien’s face or even a totem pole.

So far, experts have been hesitant to classify this as a UFO, but these photos check the boxes compared to previous images. While it’s not easy to get good UFO photos, they are important in ensuring people realize and acknowledge that we are not alone in the universe.

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