Why is California Governor Gavin Newsom Visiting China?

Ringo Chiu / shutterstock.com
Ringo Chiu / shutterstock.com

Typically, American governors stay within their lane. Not California Governor Gavin Newsom, though. Despite the liberal state dealing with unthinkable gas prices, significant spikes in crime, and homelessness in every major city, Newsom decided to head out of the state.

No, he’s not in Florida to get pointers from Ron DeSantis.

Instead, he chose to visit communist China this past week. And from everything we’ve seen, he’s quite friendly with Chinese President Xi Xinping.

The meeting was supposedly focused on climate change. Since California has some of the leading emissions policies, Newsom thought it would be a good idea to provide some “advice” to China. Additionally, he spoke with Xi on fentanyl exports.

According to Newsom, the conversation on fentanyl went “remarkably positive.” That’s good, though it’s a bit too late. And even if they stop exporting the drug that is killing Americans, Biden still needs to shut down the southern border.

Newsom’s visit to China lasted a week. While there, he also discussed David Lin, a pastor from California who’s been jailed since 2006. Newsom’s hoping for his release, but that’s not quite as positive. He commented, “I appreciate the work that has been done to reduce his sentence from a life sentence. But he still looks to be incarcerated through April 2029. Humbly, I submit on the basis of what I know that he should be released.”

Newsom is still claiming that he has no desire to pursue the presidency in 2024, but that’s seeming to be less and less truthful. We’ve written on several occasions that the California governor is gearing up for a run – and he’s already got a campaign ready and sitting on the back burner.

Xi Xinping told reporters, “I very much appreciated everything that the governor did to help us push this relationship forward in a positive direction.”

What a nice comment about the relationship that they have. It’s as if Newsom’s already working on his foreign relations before announcing his run for the presidency. Where’s his next stop? Ukraine? Iran? Syria? Who knows, but we’re confident it’s just around the corner.