Why Do Mexican Drug Cartels Now Have US Military Weapons?

Leon Rafael / shutterstock.com
Leon Rafael / shutterstock.com

Mexico’s top diplomat to the United States is calling for an immediate investigation into how Mexican drug cartels are ending up in possession of US military weapons, including rocket launchers, belt-fed machine guns, and grenades. In recent battles with the drug cartels, the Mexican military has recovered these types of weapons and more. Foreign Relations Secretary Alicia Bárcena says instances like this are happening more and more frequently, especially since the cartels are now wealthier than ever thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies.

“The (Mexican) Defense Department has warned the United States about weapons entering Mexico that are for the exclusive use of the U.S. army,” said Bárcena. “It is very urgent that an investigation into this be carried out.”

In June of last year, the Mexican army announced that it had recovered 221 fully automatic machine guns, 56 grenade launchers, and “several rocket launchers” from the cartels. These are obviously weapons that are not available to American civilians (unfortunately), so there are really only two possible explanations as to where the weaponry is coming from.

Either someone in the federal government is selling the guns to the cartels (which is entirely possible), or the Taliban is selling them weapons that Joe Biden capriciously left behind during his failed Afghanistan withdrawal.

The cartels have been openly bragging about their US military weaponry on social media since they are effectively in control of Mexico and don’t even fear the country’s military. The cartels have even launched retaliatory strikes against the Mexican army using bomb-dropping drones and armored cars.

Joe Biden’s US Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, says the issue was brought up in meetings last week, but it was the first time he had heard about it. Folks in the Biden regime don’t pay much attention to current events around the globe. Everything’s always a surprise to them when it blows up in their lap. It’s kind of odd that Salazar has “never heard of this before” since Mexican cartels have been getting caught in possession of US weaponry since the 1980s.

US military hardware was widely distributed throughout Latin America during the Iran-Contra era. More recently, Barack Obama’s administration deliberately sold weapons of war to the cartels in “Operation Fast and Furious.” The stated goal of that program was to get American civilians murdered by the cartels in order to undermine public support for the Second Amendment.

Obama’s weaponry that he sold to the cartels has, in fact, been used to kill many people, including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and unknown numbers of civilians in Arizona and Texas. Guns that Obama sold to the Sinaloa cartel ended up in the hands of the Islamic terrorists who carried out the Bataclan nightclub massacre in Paris, France, in 2015. When drug lord “El Chapo” was arrested following Sean Penn’s CIA operation, he had a .50 US military sniper rifle in his possession.

Since it was an unofficial policy of the Obama administration to sell high-grade firearms to the Mexican drug cartels, we have no reason to believe that this is not what’s happening today. A majority of Americans believe that Barack Obama is pulling the strings in the Biden White House, so it would make sense that Obama is up to his old, murderous tricks again.

Biden’s ambassador appears to be a clueless buffoon, or he’s deliberately playing dumb. That doesn’t inspire much confidence that the State Department will even look into this. Hopefully, House Republicans have been made aware of the problem, and they’ll start looking into it. One thing is certain—when we finally learn the source of those weapons, the American people aren’t going to like it.