What They Don’t Want You To Know: Saudi Arabia Training With China With American Equipment and Funding

Parilov / shutterstock.com
Parilov / shutterstock.com

After selling Saudi Arabia $3 billion of Patriot missile systems and other weapons in August 2022, President Biden has failed to establish a proper security relationship with the nation. Now, they are going to be exposing this weapons system and potentially Top-Secret information to Chinese officials.

Initially tried in 2019, the Saudi-Chinese training relationship called “Blue Sword” was ultimately successful for both nations. It led to Biden calling to turn them into a “pariah” when campaigning, only to flip on his back and show his belly for them once elected. His talks with the Saudis to establish Japanese and South Korean levels of security deals have failed. Now China is stepping back into the picture and getting all the rewards from Biden’s inaction.

This next chapter in their relationship will test their naval capabilities, with it launching from the southern Chinese city of Zhanjiang.

According to the Chinese paper Global Times, “The goal of the exercise is to boost the mutual trust and friendly relations between the Chinese and the Saudi Arabian navies, enhance the participants’ capabilities in naval combat and comprehensively improve the joint operational capabilities of overseas armed rescue units. The three-week joint exercise will be split into a basic training phase, a professional training phase, and a comprehensive drill phase that features more than 20 training subjects, including live-fire shooting, fast-roping from helicopters, cabins searches, underwater reconnaissance, sniping-on-command, and underwater explosives disarming.”

According to releases about the operation, they will simulate the hijacking of a commercial ship, with Chinese and Saudi special forces coming to their rescue. Ironically, this is the same scenario they played out with previous training with Russia and Iran. This is a major push by China to not only showcase what their Navy can do but also to expand their reach across the Northern Hemisphere.

Now with American funds buying oil and other exports, the Saudis will be keeping those funds to pay for their training with the Chinese, with our weapons systems on full display for them to see what works and what doesn’t. As the US is supplying Taiwan with these same systems, we have quite literally planned an entire training course for them on how to win.

For being a party of “peace,” they continuously do nothing but stir the waters to get other nations and groups angry with us as a nation. With the Chinese now being encouraged to launch attacks on Taiwan, as well as potentially getting pulled in to support Palestine against Israel, conflict with the US is now all but inevitable. Their relationship with Russia and Iran was the precursor, but with Russia so preoccupied with saving face after failing in Ukraine, there is little incentive to join the fight.

Now that the Saudis and Chinese are training together, the American people are getting caught with our pants down, and the Chinese are taking full advantage. The Eurasian Times sees this as perfect timing for the Chinese to strengthen their relationship and push the US out from the Saudis.

“In contrast, the relationship between traditional allies Saudi Arabia and the United States has come under strain recently, especially after the Ukraine War and Riyadh’s stance on volumes of oil production. China has continued to see the strain in Saudi ties with the US as a window, which, according to analysts, became most evident when it swooped to facilitate an agreement this year in which historical adversaries Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed to fix relations and re-open their respective diplomatic missions.”

With the US unable to get Saudi Arabian officials and Israeli officials to agree to anything, their window for brokering any peace or helping to resolve conflicts is quickly coming to an end. A loss like that only makes the US look more incompetent than ever before. As a nation, we need to be able to rise above and help provide peace. Reports claim we were almost there before Hamas attacked Israel. Perhaps if Biden hadn’t yet again failed on his intel, this wouldn’t be happening.